Top 10 Favorite Pairs of Boobs in JAV

Everyone loves boobs. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some of course look better than others and I’m here to pick my personal top 10 favorite pairs of boobs in all of JAV. Now I’m sure a lot of you will disagree with some of my choices as everyone has their own preferences when it comes to boobs. Some like them small, big, huge, flat or even fake. That being I stand by my decisions and without further ado here’s my list starting with…

10. Aoi


May be a surprise pick to some but I’ve recently grown to love Aoi’s boobs. Aoi made her debut back in 2014 and has worked exclusively with S1 studio for her entire career thus far. The main reasons Aoi made my list is that they’re natural, have nice round nipples and aerolas and they’re just so soft looking. They also compliment her body well and don’t look out of place.

9. Hitomi Tanaka


When it comes to JAV no one can be as polarizing as Hitomi. You either love her or hate her, there is no in-between. Now I’ll admit I’m partially biased here as I’m a massive fan of Hitomi’s but I can admit they’re not perfect. One of her boobs is marginally bigger than the other and they’re pretty saggy. However I love how ridiculously huge they are and combined with her slim waist makes her appearance that of an anime character come to life. That slim and busty look is a favorite of mine and Hitomi captures it perfectly.

8. Minori Hatsune


While Minori may not have the biggest boobs around she easily makes my list due to a couple key factors. One of them is her nipples which imo are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Perfectly round areolas and those nipples are just amazing. The other main reason is the shape and size. Nice and round while being very proportional and suiting her body perfectly. 

7. Yuka Minase


Again like Minori her boobs may not be the biggest but they are aesthetically pleasing and her nipples are incredible. Beautifully shaped and super firm as well. They really compliment her overall appearance very well. It all adds up in giving her one of the best slender and busty figures in jav.

6. Momoka Nishina


Momoka’s boobs are nicely shaped, pretty big and have a very soft appearance to them. Her nipples aren’t too bad either. My only criticism is that I’m on the fence regarding if they’re real or not. But honestly whether they’re 100% real or enhanced in some way doesn’t matter all that much as her boobs are easily one some of the best jav has ever seen.

5. Aimi Yoshikawa


Coming in at number 5 is none other than the sexy little mynx Aimi Yoshikawa. Say what you will about her acting but her boobs are fantastic. All natural, firm and quite large for a girl her size. Which leads me to one of my favorite aspects of her body, her petite and busty look. Her boobs look amazing on her 5 foot tiny frame. Factoring all that in and its easy to see why Aimi makes my list.

4. Julia


There’s a reason(or two) that Julia has been around for 7 years now and is still one of the most popular actresses out there. Her large and natural boobs are some of the best to ever to grace the scene. They’re relatively shapely and her nipples are quite nice as well. Also they accent her look very well giving her a nice slender and busty appearance. Now Julia would rank a little higher if only she’d didn’t lose so much weight and as a result causing her boobs to shrink. I would say they’re still great but they used to be utterly amazing. Even so Julia still ranks high for me and is one of my top favorites.

3. Shion Utsunomiya/Rion


A no brainer she’d make my list. Shion has some of the best natural boobs I’ve ever seen in porn ever. While her performances leave a LOT to be desired her boobs are straight up magnificent. Massive in size, great looking nipples and areolas and nicely shaped. 

2. Anri Okita


Choosing between my number 1 and 2 was very difficult as both are true perfection in every sense of the word. Now when it comes to Anri Okita there’s always a debate on whether they’re real or not. I myself am leaning towards them being enhanced in some way. That being said it doesn’t matter to me as they’re a work of art. Everything from her nipples to the shape and firmness is just perfect. They also match her body beautifully and really come to together to give her a great, curvy look. Boobs just don’t get much better except for…

1. Rio Hamasaki


Rio Hamasaki has hands down the best pair of boobs I have ever seen in porn. Perky, natural, excellently shaped and nicely sized. Now near the end of her career they did sag a bit but in her prime those things were a natural wonder of the world. Every single time I see them I’m still just speechless at how perfect they are. To me Rio Hamasaki has the best pair of boobs to ever grace jav and she has earned her nickname “Queen”.




Top 10 Videos Of 2016

2016 was another good year for JAV. Personally, my JAV consumption went through the roof, where I started my own streaming sub (r/hugeboobsjav) and went from watching a mix of JAV and Western to almost entirely JAV. There were a few new actresses I came to enjoy over the course of the year, like Rena Fukiishi, Kaori, Marina Shiraishi, and Asahi Mizuno.


Here I count down the top 10 videos of the year. First, let me give a couple of honourable mentions:

PPPD-506 – My Girlfriend’s Mom Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her  – Rena Fukiishi

PPPD-481 – My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Asahi Mizuno

Everyone knows how much I like GES, I wrote a top 10 review and we featured it as the weekly discussion topic. It’s a fantastic series and these are two of the better entries. These undoubtedly made my top 10, but with how much attention I give to the series, I thought it was time they took a back seat. These two are getting the honourable mentions for my list. Both of the videos had great performances and good scenes throughout.

If you’re interested in seeing those reviews, you can find them here. Now without further ado, let’s get to the top 10 list.


10. BBAN-088 – Sweaty Sporty Lesbians – Kaho Shibuya and Ayumi Shinoda



Coming in at number 10 is Ayumi and Kaho’s lesbian video. It’s exactly what you think it is from the title, the pair wear sports clothes while they engage in hot lesbian action.

What sets this video apart from other lesbian videos is how fast-paced the action is. Quite often, lesbian action is very slow and sensual, whereas this is really up-beat. They’re constantly moving around and engaging each other, and it’s very enjoyable to watch. Both of them put forth a good effort at being active and participating.

One major downside to the video is that they’re so active it’s hard to enjoy any one part. In a normal sex video, some people like doggy, some like missionary, some like cowgirl – to each their own. The same is true of lesbian videos, some like making out, some like eating pussy, some like playing with breasts – to each their own. The positions change so rapidly that you kind of have to watch a bit of everything to get anything. And although the content is all good and enjoyable, it can be hard to enjoy when it changes so frequently.

Overall it’s still a solid video, lots of good action and all the scenes are good.


8. T28-481 – Sports Course With Kaho Shibuya – Training Together – Kaho Shibuya


Let’s face it, everyone loves workout clothes and watching girls at the gym, that’s just something guys universally like. This video gives you exactly that. We see Kaho in a bike uniform, a Karategi, some workout clothes, and a swimsuit. A good variety of outfits and scenes with tons of good sex.

I really enjoyed the second scene where they were working out in the gym. They managed to make good use of the props, like the treadmill, bar press, and stability ball. That scene is simply fantastic work, but that’s definitely not where the video starts and ends. All the other scenes are still pretty good, I like her wearing a Karategi and giving a paizuri, or watching her get fucked in a pool.

One interesting thing they did was have the guys imagine her performing her workouts while she was naked. So in watching her on a bike practicing, you see her naked briefly while the guy is just thinking about her naked. It’s very hot to watch and really sets the scenes up nicely. It gives a nice realism effect as well because I think we’d all be imagining Kaho naked there.

If you like workout videos, and I think we all do, this is good one to check out.


8. HND-322 – A Slut And 20 Single Men Under One Roof Please Spend The Day With Me And Be My Creampie Manager – Asahi Mizuno


This is one of my first introductions to Asahi, perhaps my second or third video. I was quite impressed with the GES video I saw (PPPD-481) and this is another great performance from her. This video reminds me a lot of IPZ-712, but it was considerably better.

The basis of the video is that Asahi goes to a house to help out around the house. But while she has a broom in her hand on the cover, it’s not cleaning that she’s doing, she’s helping people with their sexual desires. The video is split cleanly into two halves. In the first half, she goes around the house just getting anyone she runs into off, and in the second half, there’s a large orgy.

The first half is really quite good. I love Asahi’s acting here, she’s always laughing and seeming like she’s having the time of her life. She just goes from room to room getting off whomever she runs into. She doesn’t even seem to care about anything else, so she doesn’t even lift down her skirt or anything. She’ll take a creampie, laugh while she watches it drip out of her pussy, and then go straight to the next guy. No cuts in it is really fantastic. It really helps keep the immersion in check.

The second half is a fairly standard orgy, but she still has some good energy through it. She keeps up this act the entire time, which is what makes me really like the video. It’s really easy for an actress to just give up during an orgy, but not this time.

Definitely a good video from Asahi and definitely worth the view.


7. ONGP-037 – After Taking Horse Breeding Stimulants, These Couples Go Hard & Have Sopping Wet Creampie Sex – Yumi Kazama


You might not have expected this video to be so good given the title, but it really is. Yumi Kazama takes some horse breeding pills and then goes to town on guys with creampie sex.

When I first saw the video, I thought to myself it would be gimmicky. But hey, it’s unique, Pan said it was decent, and I really like Yumi Kazama, so what’s to lose? I was actually pleasantly surprised by it.

The acting is far and away why I like this video. When she takes a large amount of horse breeding pills, the only way I can look at it is that she’s going to be completely overtaken by her sexual desire. If I had to pick one video with the most perfect acting I’ve ever seen, it might actually be this one. While there are certainly other videos on the list with great acting, this video really sets a new bar for me. She perfectly understands how she’s supposed to be acting. In the first scene, a second guy walks into the frame and she literally runs straight over to him and just immediately takes off his pants and goes straight for his cock. In the second scene, there’s a moment where they offer her more pills and she just starts shoving them in her face and the face of the guy she’s fucking. Even at the end of the scene, she goes after the cameraman as though she’s not satisfied. It’s really a new level for me in terms of what to expect out of a performance.

As far as the scenes and sex go, they’re all fine. I don’t think any of them are fantastic in a vacuum, it’s more so that coupled with her acting, they come across great. Even if all they’re doing is just having creampie sex in a bed, the fact that Yumi puts on this insanely good performance really turns what would otherwise be an average scene into a great scene.

With Yumi being depicted as a MILF in so many videos, this is a great reminder that she can really do it all. She’s been around the industry forever now, and it’s a great reminder that she’s still one of the best.


6. PPPD-494 – A Horny Slut With Big Tits Steals Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend – Hitomi


When I said there was no GES on the list, I may have not been entirely truthful, because this series is basically GES 2.0. Hitomi steals her best friend’s boyfriend and has sex behind her best friend’s back with him.

First and foremost, the fact this is almost identical to the GES series is what makes me such a huge fan. I love everything about the hold the moan and risky sex aspects that come up here. Secondly, her acting is once again on-point. She does a great job at holding her voice and really looking like she enjoys the idea of stealing him away.

One of the most iconic moments from any video I saw this year is when Hitomi slapped her boobs with the guy’s cock while her best friend was right around the corner on the phone. The guy was so scared they would get caught and Hitomi just wouldn’t let him go. 10/10 execution on that scene.

In a world where GES is my favourite series, why isn’t this number one on the list? Well, for starters, the scenes aren’t nearly as good as GES are. They downplay the risky aspect of it a bit. Particularly, I dislike that the video doesn’t end with them getting caught. Part of what makes the thrill of it all is getting caught, but it’s another thing entirely to get caught and keep going. The endings have always been my favourite part, so when it just casually ended, I wasn’t too happy.

Still, this video is quite good, good enough to make my top 10 list for this year. GES and Hitomi fans should rejoice with this one, it’s still a good video and worth watching.


5. JUFD-570 – Ecstatic Ass Trembling Dripping Wet Big Assed Fucking – Kaori


I may not enjoy Kaori quite as much as PanKing does, but it’s impossible to deny just how amazing of an ass Kaori has. She has the best ass in JAV in my opinion, and this is the perfect ass fetish video.

The video just has minimal plot scenes, where Kaori is some sort of housewife who has sex with various guys. They really just spend a couple minutes setting up a scenario before they end up having sex. There’s nothing particularly interesting or unique, but it’s not bad either.

The one thing you can’t stress enough about this video is how good of a job they do at displaying her ass in all its glory. In every scene there’s a lot of focus on it, and the camera angles are superb at showing it off. Even when she’s sucking cock, they’ve got her bent over and the camera angle is from behind. It’s just absolutely perfect to see her like that. I’ve been critical of ass videos before that they don’t show them off enough, and this is the example of one done perfectly. I remember Kaori and Asahi Mizuno doing a video together, and them doing very little ass-promotion, especially with almost no doggy. This video is the exact opposite, it’s just all ass all the time. Even in positions that typically do a bad job of it like missionary, they make a point to modify the position a bit to show off her ass, whether that’s holding her legs up so her ass is visible, or propping her hips up to show her ass.

Kaori’s appearance is also very good here. She’s more attractive than I probably give her credit for, but her outfits are actually really good for this and what stand out to me. Especially when they show her bent over in that blue dress, I can’t hold myself back.

If you like big butts and cannot lie, this is the video for you.


4. VICD-338 – V’s 10th Anniversary Fat Black Cocks Unleashed! Busty Female Prisoner Gets Destroyed By Massive Dicks – Kaho Shibuya


Now I know a lot of people don’t like rape themes, but I’m indifferent on the subject; as long as the video is good, I’m okay with it. This video is exactly that though, a very good video.

Kaho Shibuya is a prisoner and is raped by other prisoners and the guard, who are all black men. She sucks a guy off in one scene, has a threesome in another, and a solo scene with the guard at the end. Throughout this they go into the narrative of her being taken prisoner and what’s going to happen.

What immediately stands out for me in this video is Kaho speaking English. Almost the entire video is in English, a rare treat in JAV. Kaho’s actually fluent in English but we rarely get to see any of that in her videos. We see it all the time on her Twitter, she sings a lot of songs in English while playing on her Eukelele. I actually asked her in her AMA if she’s going to use English more in videos in the future, and she seems excited to do so.

Now with the sex, it’s about as much as I expect from interracial. They focus on the sex a lot and I really had no complaints. Kaho really gave in a lot during it, but I also thought it was appropriate and worked well.

The acting was something I quite enjoyed. There’s something about Kaho telling a black dude to “fuck off” or “get your cock off my face” that does it for me. She really came across like she knew what she was supposed to be doing.

I know a lot of people dislike the theme, but it’s hard to ignore a video in English with one of my favourite actresses.


3. JUX-678 –  “I Don’t Want Your Baby!” Hot Sisters Swallow Their Husbands’ Creampies – Ayumi Shinoda and Erika Kitagawa


The title and front cover basically tell the story. Ayumi and Erika are sisters who’s husbands want to knock them up, but they’re not ready to get pregnant yet. So they help each other out when they get creampied.

I think many people complain about the lack of interaction between females in JAV, and this is a video where they do a good job of interacting. Ayumi and Erika both play the part well, really understanding to interact with each other. They come in and eat their sister’s creampie, even making out with the cum still in their mouth. I think it stands out a lot because that sort of thing doesn’t happen a lot in JAV. Even during the sex, they’re not afraid to touch each other in various ways. I’ve called it MIRD-150 lite because that’s basically what it is. It’s MIRD-150 if it had a plot.

Ayumi and Erika are surprisingly good together, their acting is great. They’ve actually starred in a lot of videos together, including lesbian videos. There have been titles calling them best friends, I don’t know if they’re quite best friends in real life like Hitomi and Anri are. I think that they’re just really comfortable together on-screen, and it certainly showed.

If videos like PPSD-050 (polygamy special with Anri and Kaho) or PPSD-046 (polygamy special with Meguri and Ai Sayama) got you down for their lack of lesbian interaction, then this is the video you’re looking for.


2. STAR-681 – We Made Marina Shiraishi Go Out And Get Fucked… – Marina Shiraishi


Marina Shiraishi is someone I newly discovered in 2016, and this is actually the first video I saw of hers. But this video is fantastic and everything you could want.

The video is basically Marina in various public settings where she has sex with people. She’s meant to be an exhibitionist, going out and enjoying herself. There’s a scene at the batting cages while she has a trench coat, a scene in a park with multiple guys, a scene on the subway, and a scene in a store.

The theme of the video is a big reason I enjoyed it so much. They do a very good job of playing the theme correctly. I find in a lot of public sex videos, they don’t quite grasp the nature, but they nailed it here. In the batting cages scene, they vary the camera angle at times to show them having sex from across the field, and it really helps get across the theme. In the subway scene, you get to see her having sex while there’s people riding the subway in front of her, which once again drives home the theme.

Another reason I enjoyed this video so much is her performance. Her acting was really something special here. It’s kind of hard to nail an exhibitionist personality. You’re supposed to be enthusiastic while also being a bit embarrassed/ashamed. She does an excellent job of doing exactly that, really blending both expressions together nicely. When they take off her trench coat, she really seems a bit hesitant, but then when they get down to things, she seems to be enjoying herself. On top of that, just her looking over her shoulder from time to time is enough to really drive home the acting.

If you haven’t seen Marina Shiraishi, I absolutely recommend her and this video. It’s a video done right, and her acting is extremely good in it. I think she’s underrated as a performer, and this video is a good example of what she has to offer.



1. PPPD-511 – Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups – Hitomi


I don’t think anyone is surprised to see me list this as my favourite video of the year. Hitomi is my favourite actress and this was simply a good video from her. It scored very highly on my top 10 Hitomi videos, and scoring highly here is no surprise to me.

The premise is actually extremely simple: big tits in your face. The premise is great, you don’t need a complex plot for it to be enjoyable. There’s a few different scenes where they just set up some very basic scenario (tutor, yoga instructor, etc.) and then Hitomi just shoves her tits in their face. Whether they do or don’t want them, they’re getting them.

With this video, it’s definitely the performance that makes it so good. Hitomi’s debut was nothing special in terms of acting, and she really wasn’t good for a few years after that. But present Hitomi is a top tier actress, she’s simply one of the best in the industry. Her facial expressions are always on-point, she knows exactly what emotions she’s supposed to be conveying and does a fantastic job with them. Her enthusiasm in this video is unparalleled, she simply looks like she’s really enjoying the video from start to finish.

As far as the sex goes, it’s quite good too. Hitomi leads the majority of it and really gives us what we want. Those boobs in your face, oh man, I can’t get enough of them. Even outside of that, there are lots of really good moments. She gives a double paizuri in the yoga scene, I don’t think I’ve ever seen two cocks between her breasts at once but it’s great to see.

I know a lot of people don’t like Hitomi’s breasts, and I don’t fault them for it. Everyone has their own preferences and I respect their decisions. That said, it’s hard to deny that she’s a fantastic performer and just how good of a display she puts on here. A lot of actresses could learn a thing or two from her videos.


There you have my top 10 videos of 2016. I’m working hard on a list for 2017 already as well as some more top 10 lists in the future. I hope you all enjoy these posts because you can expect to see more of them.


Top 10 Videos of 2016

Another great year has come and gone and with it 2016 saw the release of many great videos. Narrowing them all down to just 10 took quite some time and was full of hard decisions. Now before I delve into the top 10 lets start with a few honorable mentions. 

JUX-678 I Don’t Want Your Baby!” Hot Sisters Swallow Their Husbands’ Creampies (Erika Kitagawa and Ayumi Shinoda)


This one was the hardest one to leave off my list as list. It’s easily one of the best duo videos of the entire year. Erika and Ayumi have great chemistry together and their performances are on point. The lesbian interactions between the two were also nice as they’re not afraid to grope, kiss and eat each other out. And of course the main premise is amazing as they both eat cum out of each others pussies and swap it back and forth till one eventually swallows. Honestly this would be my number 11 pick and was so very close to making it. Also the cover for this one is amazing and one of my favorites.

PLA-060 Creampie Raw Footage With An AV Actress Who Gets Busy As Soon As We Meet” (Shuri Atomi)


No you’re not seeing things. I’m far from being a loli fan but I gotta say I was completely taken by surprise by Shuri Atomi and specifically this video. This series is one of my personal favorites and she did an awesome job. Her performance is absolutely incredible as she’s very dominant, enthusiastic and fun to watch overall. The combination of her cuteness and innocent appearance with her overly dominant and sexual acting make for something truly unique and I can appreciate that.

And now the top 10 starting with…

10. CJOD-007 “Slutty Female Ninja” (Ai Uehara)


Honestly I could have swapped this one out for any of my honorable mentions. This spot was very difficult to decide on. Ultimately I went with this one over the others for a few reasons. One is I absolutely loved the premise of Ai playing a slutty ninja seducing and tormenting her foes. It was both exciting and entertaining to watch. Hell at one point she makes a shadow clone straight outta Naruto for fuck sake.

The action was another highlight as it contains facesitting, handjobs, blowjobs and some really intense sex scenes. And its only made better by Ai Uehara’s signature “semon demon” performance. She really give it 100% in every single scene as she’s incredibly dominant and in control. In closing I thought this was her best video from 2016 and was certainly of her most unique videos ever.

9. JUFD-586 “Wild, Voluptuous, Colossal Tits – I Wanna Get Ravaged By A Slut” (Kaori and Yumi Kazama)


Coming in at number 9 is the sexy duo of Kaori and Yumi Kazama. Fitch has become one my favorite studios over the years due to their excellent camerawork, directing and casting. Having these two play fitness instructors and wear super skimpy and tight clothing is just a no brainer. These two work well together and look stunning as a pair. The sex is fantastic as there’s a nice mix of solo and threesome sex scenes each one making use of a personal favorite of mine, body oil. If I had one gripe it’s that I wish there could have been some more interaction between the two as they really don’t play with each other enough as I would have liked.

And the performances from the two are outstanding. They’re both exceptionally slutty, lewd and have really nice energy. Also in every single scene they’re exceptionally dominant and barely whine at all. All these things combine to make one nearly flawless video. You got top notch acting with some intense sex , although lacking in interaction between the two stars, along with an amazing and effective premise topped off with some stunning outfits. Easily one of Kaori’s best releases of the year and one of my favorite duo videos as well.

8. CJOD-017 “Living With a Slut, 24-Hour-Creampies” – (Aika)


2016 was a very busy year for Aika with many great releases. Some good and some very average. However my favorite of the year for her and one of my all time favorite pov videos ever is CJOD-017. Featuring a very simple premise in that its just you and Aika living together having constant creampie sex. Whats better than that? One of the many reasons I loved this one so much is her look. I’m not much of a fan of her short hair or whenever she dyed it silver or gray. Not only does her hair look good but her outfits and body look amazing.

The sex is another highlight as well. Now you could argue that there’s not a whole lot of variety and you’re kinda right. It is just one-on-one pov sex all the way through. But its done extremely well. And well elevates this video to an entirely different level is her outstanding performance. The best way to describe her here is relentless. She just doesn’t stop even when the dude has cum once or twice she still goes for more. Even the little things she does are fantastic such as a moment when she handcuffs herself to you while riding so you can’t get away. Other than that her facial expressions are on point and she’s perfectly lewd, dominant and of course slutty. In closing if you’re even remotely interested in Aika then you owe it yourself to watch this near flawless release from her. This is one every Aika fan should have.

7. PPPD-481 “My Girlfriend’s Big Sis Tempts Me With Her Big Tits And OKs To Creampie Her” (Asahi Mizuno)


 No surprise here that an entry from one of my favorite series ends up on the list. Spoiler alert it won’t be the last either. I struggled with choosing what entries to put here as this series had some incredible videos this year but ultimately I picked this over some others for a few main reasons.

Perhaps the biggest and most important aspect is the risk factor. The risk involved in each scene is why I love the series. From giving the boyfriend a tittyfuck in the kitchen to just flat-out fucking him while the girlfriend is asleep in bed a few feet away. Every single scene is like this as opposed to other entries where only maybe half the scenes include any sort of risk.

Asahi’s appearance is also a huge plus here. Not only is she herself incredibly sexy here but her wardrobe and the camerawork do a fantastic job of showing off her cleavage and stunning body. Last but certainly not least is her superb performance. Her acting here is some of her best easily. Super seductive, slutty and dominant as she takes command of every scene. She’s a big flirt too which is something very critical for a performance in this series. PPPD-481 does nearly everything right and knocks it out of the park. Sure there’s a few nitpicky things here and there like a few instances of whining from her but those hardly impact the video. This is one of the best all time entries in the series and makes for an absolute must watch for 2016.

6. BBAN-088 “Sweaty Sporty Lesbians” (Kaho Shibuya and Ayumi Shinoda)


Bibian is one of the best studios around when it comes to lesbian videos and this is yet another stellar release from and is one of my all time favorites in the genre. The overall theme here, if you couldn’t tell from the cover and title, is workout and sweaty/wet sex. Seeing the two of them grind and play with each other while covered in sweat and body oil is a thing of beauty. And those outfits are just absolutely amazing. Tight fitting and perfectly showcasing their boobs along with the rest of their bodies.

The action here for a lesbian title is pretty solid as well. While it is limited to mostly just fingering, kissing and some scissoring its very intense and passionate. Plus Kaho squirts several times throughout which is always a nice touch. Now the most important factor to me in a lesbian video is the chemistry between the two actresses as well as their performances. Here is a shining example of both of those elements. Kaho and Ayumi are equally aggressive and just full of passion and enthusiasm. They seem to work well together too and really get into it here.

BBAN-088 is not just one of the best videos of the year but also one of my personal favorite lesbian videos ever. I loved the workout themed premise and their outfits were just outstanding. And their acting and chemistry with one another are superb and on point. No lackluster or passive performances here. My only gripe is that I wish there could have been some use of toys or a strap on. But when you have Ayumi Shinoda eating out Kaho Shibuya to the point of her squirting all over her face how can you complain?

5. PPPD-494 “A Horny Slut With Big Tits Steals Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend” (Hitomi Tanaka)


2016 overall was a great year for Hitomi. She had many excellent titles and it was a struggle narrowing them down and choosing the best ones. I decided to pick two and this is the first one with her starring in one of my favorite series. Hitomi is a complete natural for this role as she possesses two of the most essential elements. Strong acting and of course her large assets.

The scenes here are all terrific with just one small exception being the bathtub paizuri scene which just ends up feeling like filler material. Mainly due in part to the lack of risk involved. Besides that one small blemish every scene is exciting and entertaining. The highlight being the final sex scene in which Hitomi is fucking the boyfriend while the best friend is asleep on the couch. It perfectly captures what makes the series so great.

When it comes to the performance here Hitomi absolutely delivers. No lying around and being passive. She’s energetic, flirtatious and shows off her seductive side. Of course it’s not hard to be seduced by her. All she has to do is show off her boobs and its game over. Last but certainly not least her appearance is stunning here. Every one of her outfits shows off her immaculate cleavage extremely well. And she herself is in great shape as well. Now while I may be slightly biased towards Hitomi there’s no denying her strong performance and excellent scenes. PPPD-494 stands as a shining example of not only Hitomi’s improved acting ability but also raises the bar for this series and what to expect.

4. PLA-058 “We Met 3 Actresses Who Immediately Started Us On A Creampie Raw Footage Harlem Sex Show” (Mao Hamasaki, Hibiki Otsuki and Nanako Tsukishima)


Oh my…where do I begin?  This is hands down of the craziest videos I have ever seen. Its like one long thrill ride from start to finish that is just relentless but oh so entertaining. This particular series has always been a favorite of mine with such amazing videos like pla-044, -045 and -047 to just name a few. Hell PLA-060 is an honorable mention from me. They’re all directed by Nao Masaki who is an outstanding director and really knows her stuff. The basic premise is that these three roam around a building finding guys and immediately start fucking them silly. No foreplay whatsoever.

So what makes this video so great? Well first off the sex is some of the most intense and relentless I’ve seen out of any video this year. Once it starts it never lets up. There’s creampies, cum swallowing, squirting, threesomes and everything in between. Also they will frequently keep sucking and fucking guys long after they cum and its pretty hot. Hell at one point all three of them chase a guy around the building until they catch them and one of them fucks him while her friends hold him down. Also the video is over three hours long which is just insane.

Speaking of insane lets talk performances. The acting here is some of the craziest and energetic I have ever seen in my time of watching jav. For starters there is no whining here which is always a plus in my book. All three of them are full of enthusiasm and have great chemistry with one another. After all Hibiki and Mao are some of the most dynamic and exciting perfomers around. Now I could spend all day talking about my favorite moments but I’ll highlight just one.  One of my favorite moments is when Mao Hamasaki gets creampied and Hibiki eats the cum out of her and shows her mouth full of it. Mao tries to kiss her and steal the cum from her but Hibiki just teases her and ultimately just swallows it for herself. It’s so over the top and utterly amazing.

PLA-058 is hands down not only one the best videos of 2016 but also features some of the best and entertaining acting and performances I have ever seen in jav. They are relentless, enthusiastic and just insane. The sex is all over the top and features something for everyone.

3. CJOD-006 “An Incredible Slut Grown Muscular From Hardcore Fucking Rides Cowgirl Style” (Kurea Hasumi)


Kurea Hasumi’s output for 2016 was definitely a disappointment as most of her releases were with the same studios such as Fetish Box which I absolutely hate. However there were still a few highlights such as RKI-429 and then this masterpiece right here. CJOD-006 is a perfect showcase of what makes Kurea Hasumi one of the best talents in jav right now. It emphasizes all the strengths of her to near perfection.

Now with this title there’s no plot or story. Just several sex scenes each with a different theme. Such examples being a soapland style scene, pov sex scene and an excellent dominant sex scene featuring Kurea doing what she does best. The action is loaded with creampies, facesitting and a fantastic array of positions that highlight her amazing body. Which brings me to the terrific camerawork here. They do a great job of capturing all the best angles of her ass and her sexy long legs.

Now of course it wouldn’t be complete without a flawless performance to back it up and here Kurea brings her A game. Completely dominant, full of energy and enthusiasm and just oozing confidence. This is a classic performance from her doing what she does best. The other amazing aspect of this video is Kurea’s appearance. She is in perfect shape here. Her abs, legs and ass all look incredible. Not to mention her wardrobe is great too with her wearing some very sexy lingerie.

If you have ever wondered “what makes Kurea so great?” then THIS is the perfect video to watch. No strange plot here to get in the way. Just intense action with lots of creampies and a top tier performance that is full of enthusiasm and energy. Great action, amazing performance and Kurea looking sexy as ever. What more do you want?

2. JUFD-570 “Ecstatic Ass Trembling Dripping Wet Big Assed Fucking” (Kaori)


In 2016 I discovered a few new actresses that I really fell in love with such as Kaho Kasumi, Erika Kitagawa and Aimi Yoshikawa. However my overall new favorite was no doubt Kaori. From her beautiful face to her solid fake boobs but most of all her flawless ass. There were many great videos from her this year but ultimately JUFD-570 reigns supreme for me.

Every aspect of this video is perfect starting with the plot. I’m personally a huge fan of the housewife seduction premises and Kaori is a good fit for the role. After all who could resist her magnificent juicy ass. This also allows for her to show off her seduction skills which she does a remarkable job with.

The sex here is another highlight. Now the scenes themselves are incredible and all feature her ass in one way or another. But perhaps the best part is the terrific camerawork. In every scene they consistently get the best shots of her body. Whether she’s giving a blowjob and shooting her ass from behind or pulling a leg up during sex and filming her backside. The angles and positions here all highlight and showcase her body perfectly.

Now what really helps it all come together is her performance. I must admit that Kaori isn’t the absolute best performer out there. On one hand she never gets whiny but at the same time I’ve never really seen here go all out like Kaho Kasumi, Kurea Hasumi or Ai Uehara do sometimes. But here she really holds her own and delivers. No whining as I mentioned and she’s fairly engaging. Could she be better overall? Sure but for the most part its hard to complain.

Lastly how I could not mention her appearance. For starters her wardrobe is exceptional. Every single one teases her ass so well and suits her body perfectly. Especially that blue dress, god damn. And of course Kaori herself looks incredibly sexy as she always does. Again the fanservice from Fitch here is wonderful as they constantly show off and highlight her ass so well.

What more needs to be said? THIS is hands down my favorite all time video from Kaori. From her performance and acting to the phenomenal camerawork and sex and of course the terrific plot. There’s a few minor nitpicks sure. For example you could say her acting isn’t a 10/10 but in the end it doesn’t matter all that much. If you’re watching this video you want to see Kaori’s juicy ass and Fitch delivers the goods. This is my number one recommendation for Kaori and if you haven’t seen this one yet then shame on you. GO NOW!

1. PPPD-511 “Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups” (Hitomi Tanaka)


Well here we are at number one. Hitomi has come a long way since her career started. She’s released some top notch videos over the years and 2016 saw quite a few of them. But none come close to this one here. This is without a doubt my all time favorite solo Hitomi video ever for a myriad of reasons.

First off the overall premise is just genius. Now it is very simple as its just Hitomi smothering guys with her boobs. But it works so well. Another nice aspect is that each scene has its own scenario. From her playing a yoga instructor to having her way with a home intruder. The variety in the scenes is what really helps make each one standout from each other and be memorable.

Speaking of the scenes the action and sex are really something special. This being a Hitomi video you can expect lots of paizuri and you get plenty of that. Hell there’s even a double paizuri segment in one scene. The positions are also another huge positive. So many positions have her smothering the guy with her boobs while riding the absolute shit out of the him. Also there’s several creampies although to be honest they’re probably fake.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this video is Hitomi’s performance. Now say what you will about her appearance and you may find her boobs unappealing however when it comes to her performing ability she is exceptional. She has greatly improved since her early days and now is a remarkable performer and quite frankly one of the best around. She really knows what she’s doing here and it shows. The way she throws her boobs around is quite the sight to see. Going beyond that her enthusiasm is breathtaking and her facial expressions are some of the best I’ve seen. And of course best of all is next to no whining from her.

Finally how could I not mention Hitomi’s stunning appearance. Now its no secret that I’m a massive fan of hers so I may be just a little biased here but I think she looks amazing from start to finish. Nearly every outfit is a winner here. Not only that but she herself is an incredible shape. Hitomi’s current look has drawn some mixed opinions from her fans as some say she’s too skinny but I think she looks the best she ever has. Her skinny waist combined with her massive boobs is very appealing and her face looks pretty good too.

With all that being said this is hands down not only my favorite of 2016 but this also makes my top 10 videos of all time list. Perfect performance combined with some incredible sex and great variety in scenes and plots. Not to mention Hitomi looking gorgeous. If I had any criticism it would be the masseuse scene feeling a little underwhelming compared to the rest of the scenes. But even then that’s a very minor nitpick. This is one that should be in every Hitomi fans library and perhaps even worth a watch for non-fans as you may be persuaded.

Top Picks

Top 10 Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Series Videos

For those of you that know me, you know that the Girlfriend’s Elder Sister series (GES) is my all-time favourite series in JAV. It’s a phenomenal series that features some of the best actresses in the business and some really great acting/scenes. There are now 20 videos in the series and I’ve watched them all religiously. Here I count down the top 10 videos in the series. Before I get to a count down, let me give some background on the series and what makes it so good.

Firstly, the series is really straight forward. The series is My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her. If that doesn’t tell you what to expect, I don’t know what to say. Each video more or less has the same basic plot structure, and then each individual video has some differences to keep things a bit interesting. They all start with the boyfriend going to his girlfriend’s house where her elder sister is at home. When the boyfriend sees the elder sister, he can’t help but notice her big tits and becomes interested in them. The elder sister notices him and is similarly interested, so she starts tempting him. The video then plays out with the two of them being risky around the house, whether it’s a quickie in the kitchen, a paizuri in the bathtub, or sex in the other room. At the end of every video, the girlfriend finds out about the two of them and comes into the scene complaining about what they’re doing, and the two of them don’t care and continue. As per the title, there are creampies in the video, typically multiple and definitely in the final scene when the girlfriend is there.

There are several reasons that make it really good. The first is that the video is really easy to follow along for a video with as much plot as it has, even if you don’t understand Japanese. It’s often difficult to fully enjoy plot-based JAV because of the lack of understanding. Watching something like a secret investigator or incest video just doesn’t come across as enjoyable without knowing what they’re talking about, but this series is really easy to understand. When you can see the girlfriend in the background and the two trying to be quiet, you know exactly what’s going on. Secondly, the “hold the moan” aspect is great. JAV is known for how much the actresses whine while having sex, and these videos generally avoid that. It’s really great to see something where they’re actively trying not to make those noises, and it usually comes across great. It’s not just the aspect of them holding their moaning, but also them trying to be sneaky and not get caught. There’s something about almost getting caught that’s enjoyable, and they very much so promote that aspect in this video. The acting is also a really big aspect of the series, and it’s really great to watch actresses try their best. There are some actresses that really step up to the plate in this series, and I think having a lot of entries to look for guidance from plus really good guidelines makes it easy to excel. Moments where the actress almost gets caught in the act, or when they get creampied in front of their sister – they’re just really good acting moments.

Each video listed here has an abridged review in this top 10 list, but also has a full review you can find by clicking on the link in the title.

Now without further ado, let’s get into the top 10 rankings:

10th [PPPD-308] Yui Hatano


When I first saw this video, I was somewhat surprised. Yui in an oppai movie doesn’t make much sense other than Yui is really popular. But if there’s one thing to take out of this, it’s that Yui is popular for a reason.

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-07h11m18s346The video features 6 scenes, 2 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during one of them as a non-sex scene and they almost get caught in 3 scenes. The first scene has Yui teasing the guy in the living room. In the second scene, she catches him in the hallway and blows him. In the third scene, he leaves for the washroom and she fucks him in the hallway. In the fourth scene they’re fooling around in the bedroom where she gives him a paizuri, followed up by the fifth scene where she gives him some similar action in the bathtub. The final scene has her fucking him in the kitchen with the girlfriend in the living room beside them, and it ends with them in the living room after the sister finds out.


What I liked most about the video was Yui’s performance. She’s a really good actress, no doubt about it. The sex is very solid, but her acting is what stands out here. She’s able to really set the mood and seduce the guy, while providing proper acting at the key moments. I was also a fan of them doing it in the hallway, it did help capture the essence of them just taking whatever opportunities they could find to make it work.

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-04h32m03s857What I disliked about the video was the lack of the girlfriend in the picture. I really like the idea of it being super risky, and it always seems like there’s a bit of a safety net in this video, like there’s never any real risk. The only risky moment is Yui barely exposing one breast and it’s kind of pitiful The girlfriend even just randomly leaves (they don’t explain why) and there’s just complete immunity there. I also wasn’t particularly a fan that Yui has smallish breasts, and it definitely looked awkward when she was giving him a paizuri compared to the average performer in the series. It’s not about whether I do or don’t like her breasts, it’s that her ability to use them for titty fucking or as a plot point because they’re large is low. Lastly, I felt the action was a little bit repetitive, as they had one paizuri scene turn into a second one, or Yui catching him in the hallway twice.

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall, the video is alright. It’s only the 10th ranked video, it’s okay but it’s nothing special. I certainly didn’t anticipate this video making top 10 originally, and I could easily see a future entry (perhaps Kaho Shibuya or Chitose Saegusa) knocking her off this list. While I’m sure it being Yui Hatano plays a more significant role for others, I imagine it’s easy for this to not appear on a list as well.


9th [PPPD-387] Yuri Oshikawa


Yuri is someone I didn’t really know about prior to the GES series, but her video was fairly good, enough to make my list and beat out some fan-favourites that you’ll probably be surprised are missing.

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h58m51s502The video features 5 scenes, 3 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during 2 of them (plus the ending) and they almost get caught in 2 scenes. In the first scene, they’re all in the kitchen/dining room area while Yuri is preparing food and gets the boyfriend to help her out, which leads into them having sex in the back. The scene scene is Yuri giving him a paizuri in the bathtub. In the third scene, they’re all sitting in the living room when someone comes to the door. Yuri’s sister answers it and they take that opportunity for some sex. In the fourth scene, Yuri’s touching herself in her bedroom while the other two are having sex. And in the final scene, Yuri invades them while they’re sleeping and has some fun with the boyfriend before finally getting caught.


What I liked about the video was that they tried to really capture the essence of it. They had some very risky situations and situations where the girlfriend was in the scene. This is what I love most about the series, and they tried to do a good job here. As far as her looks go, I was pleasantly surprised by her. Having not really seen much of her content prior, I thought she looked great. The sex is also fairly solid, it’s pleasant enough to view.

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-06h10m22s083What I disliked about the video was how little they cared about it making sense. She gets caught riding the guy at one point, with her top down, and nobody seems to blink at it. This is honestly probably the worst screw up in the entire series (okay, maybe second compared to Aimi Yoshikawa screaming beside her sleeping sister). While her ability to hold her moaning was fairly good, I think that was about as good as it got from her acting. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but she largely didn’t impress me. Her facial expressions were a mixed bag, they were good at times but I wasn’t totally convinced. Especially in the ending, she really didn’t do a good job.


Overall, it’s an alright video. It comes in at number 9 on the list. It could definitely have been better, but considering I was unfamiliar with Yuri going into it, I’ll take it as a solid win for her that her video was better than some very good actresses, such as Yui Hatano who placed 10th.

Score: 9/10


8th [PPPD-408] Ai Sayama


Ai Sayama’s someone I’m usually very particular about, but I thought this was one of her better videos. She not only puts on a good performance, but looks great here.

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h15m42s502The video features 5 scenes, 3 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during 2 of them (plus the ending) and they almost get caught in 1 scene. In the first scene, they’re eating in the kitchen when Ai starts teasing the boyfriend. She then gets him to help her with the dishes, except she gets him to fuck her. The second scene is a bathroom scene where she blows him and gives him a paizuri. In the third scene, they’re fucking in a bedroom while the girlfriend is just outside on the balcony hanging up some clothes to dry. In the next scene, the guy is dreaming about Ai fooling around with him before he’s abruptly awoken. And in the final scene, Ai’s spying on them when she convinces him to come join her outside, where they’re a little too loud at one point and get caught.

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-07h27m27s761What really stands out to me the most about the video is just how good she looks. I’m often very critical about her appearance, and I often don’t think she looks as good as she could. This is arguably the best she’s ever looked in a video. The makeup is really on point. Another thing I quite enjoyed was her ability to seduce the guy. She has some really good facial expressions and seems to know just what to do to entice him. Even in a moment that seems unscripted (she drops a bowl while he’s eating her out), she plays it off well.


What I dislike in this video is that they don’t have enough “quickie” type scenes. I like the idea of a scene where they don’t quite have sex because they almost get caught or whatever it is that stops them. Unfortunately, they continue to just keep having sex. There’s a bathroom scene that she gives him a paizuri, and then a scene where she’s on top of him where he’s dreaming. It just all doesn’t quite live up to expectation.

Rating: 9.5/10

Overall, it’s a good video and probably my favourite from Ai. I’m usually not as big a fan of her as I ought to be, but this is a rare gem. She puts on a very respectable performance and looks great.


7th – [PPPD-501] Erika Kitagawa


Erika’s video is a bit different at times, but her strong performance and great expressions help make the video as good as it is.


The video features 5 scenes, 2 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during 2 of them (plus the ending) and they almost get caught in 2 scenes. In the intro, Erika gets out of the shower and runs into the boyfriend. Her towel drops to expose her, and she doesn’t fully cover up since she’s excited by the notion of him looking at her. In the first scene, Erika’s sister is in the bath when she grabs the boyfriend, takes him to her room, and fucks him, which ends in a creampie. vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h33m02s813In the second scene, she gives him a bit of a cheeky footjob under the table while they’re eating, and when he’s cleaning the dishes, she goes and gets him off behind the counter. In the third scene, Erika visits him while they’re sleeping, where she sucks and titty fucks him beside her sleeping sister. In the next scene, Erika has a solo masturbation scene. The final scene has the girlfriend leaving the apartment, and they spare no time getting down to business. The sister returns to find them having sex, and he eventually creampies Erika before trying to calm his girlfriend down when the video ends.

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h34m04s195Firstly, I love this intro. It’s really unique and comes across natural as well. I think everyone’s seen some sort of towel dropping video, so that familiarity goes a long way. Erika’s acting is very good as well, she’s good at using visual cues to convey ideas and she looks like she’s genuinely enjoying it. I’m not entirely sure what they were doing during the intro with her expression, but the rest was great. I was also generally a fan of the sex, she was good at maintaining character during it and keeping up the act, rather than just letting it become another video.


What I really disliked here was the solo scene. I find this scene has no place in this video, as the whole point is supposed to be about her having sex with him behind her sister’s back. While this gets done in some other videos (like Yuri Oshikawa’s), they show a split screen view of her masturbating while the other two are having sex. In this video, there’s none of that, so the scene just feels really strange. I can’t begin to understand why this is here, and I really wish it wasn’t. If they had done another scene where they almost got caught or the sister was in the frame, it could have been much higher on the list.

Rating – 9.6/10


6th – [PPPD-488] AIKA


AIKA’s a really interesting entry just like Yui Hatano, where her fame and success is why she’s here rather than the merit of her breasts, which are small for this particular series. That being said, AIKA coming in 6th just goes to show how good her acting really is.


vlcsnap-2017-01-15-03h39m13s926The video features 5 scenes, 2 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during 4 of them (plus the ending) and they almost get caught in 2 scenes. In the first scene, AIKA spies a bit on them having sex. When the girl goes to sleep after, AIKA comes and joins for some fun. In the second scene, they’re all drinking in the living room when her sister and the boyfriend pass out. AIKA wakes him up to have sex while her sister is sleeping there. In the third scene, AIKA drops her fork while they’re eating and has some fun with him while she’s under the table getting it. vlcsnap-2017-01-15-03h39m54s949The sister then answers the door and AIKA has some more fun with him while her sister is away, getting him off. The fourth scene has the boyfriend go join his girlfriend in the bath, but not before AIKA catches him in the restroom and gets him off. In the final scene, they’re playing cards in the bedroom when AIKA’s sister gets a phone call and goes into the hallway to answer it. AIKA starts fucking him while she’s up, and when her sister finishes the call, they get caught. AIKA just keeps on fucking him until he creampies her, revelling in what she’s done.

What I like about AIKA’s video is that she’s just a very good performer. From the sex to the acting, she does a remarkable job. She really seems to get what the video is all about, so her facial expressions are really on point. Of anyone in the series, I think she looked like she enjoyed it the most, that the idea of fucking her sister’s boyfriend was fun for her.

vlcsnap-2017-01-15-03h38m48s649I have to say it, but AIKA’s breasts got in the way of what could have been great. They’re on the small side and it really shows at times. A lot of the rest of the video is good, but this certainly wasn’t the good part. Another thing that sucked was the scene where she dropped her fork. Maybe others will disagree with me and enjoy it, but of any situation in any of the videos, hers was the one that struck me as the weirdest. I just don’t really get how after 10 minutes under a small table, nobody cares. She’s under for a couple of minutes before the sister answers the door and is still there when she comes back.


Rating – 9.7/10

I might make out the issues in this video to be much more than they actually are, because AIKA still scored a 9.7, which is a very good score. Considering she was working with a handicap in her small breasts, she really surprised me. I’m actually not a fan of AIKA, I don’t really like gals and I think everyone knows me as the breast guy, but I can recognize a good video when I see one, and this was good.


5th – [PPPD-481] Asahi Mizuno


I will admit that this is the first Asahi Mizuno video I watched. I’m glad it was, because it was great. I remember saying she wasn’t a favourite yet, but I’d check more of her out. I can firmly say she’s a favourite of mine now, and the this video is a good reason why.


vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h14m27s379The video features 6 scenes, 2 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during 3 of them (plus the ending) and they almost get caught in 3 scenes. In the first scene, the boyfriend and girlfriend are having sex while Asahi is spying on them, clearly wishing it was her. In the second scene, they’re eating dinner while she’s wearing a revealing top. Asahi then gives him a footjob under the table before he excuses himself because he can’t keep his face straight. Asahi then goes over and joins him just off to the side in the hallway where she finishes the job. In the next scene, they’re sleeping when Asahi comes and starts fooling around with him. They have sex while her sister is right there which ends up in a creampie. In the fourth scene, vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h19m29s761Asahi runs into the boyfriend in the morning and grabs him to come take a bath with him. They leave the door open, and while they’re all soaped up, the girlfriend comes to use the restroom and they hide behind the door. Asahi enjoying the risky sex, she continues while the sister is there and gets him off with a paizuri. In the fifth scene, he’s cleaning the table after lunch when Asahi catches him in the kitchen and gets him off, though not before almost getting caught by her sister. In the final scene, the boyfriend is seen leaving the house, but then he comes back to see Asahi as he can’t get enough of her. They go into the bedroom and start getting busy while the girlfriend comes and starts cleaning in the hallway, the door wide open. Asahi gets a little too loud and her sister notices. They don’t seem to care, as she finishes the job and gets him to creampie her in front of her sister.


Asahi does a really good job of seducing the boyfriend and setting the mood. When they’re not having sex, her facial expressions are good. You can see how she wishes it were her when she spies on him. She does a good job with the footjob under the table or when she tugs him in the bathroom behind the door despite the girlfriend being right there. The scene where they’re eating dinner is one of my favourite scenes, it’s just so well done from Asahi’s acting to almost getting caught to having views where you can see the girlfriend at the table while she’s sucking him off.


As usual, I do have some complaints, the biggest being that Asahi’s acting during sex isn’t up to par. Particularly in the final scene, she doesn’t really do much when they get caught or he creampies her. So while it certainly seemed like Asahi was enjoying herself and that she really did want to do it with him, she was just completely ignorant of her sister. I really wish she wasn’t, because the endings are my favourite part, and this was rather weak among them.

Rating – 9.8/10

Overall, it’s just a good video. Asahi proved to me she’s a good actress, but that she also has room to improve. She really came across as a take-charge girl who knew what she wanted, and she did a great job throughout the film. I’m sure that a lot of people have become fans of Asahi over the past year, and this is definitely one of hers to check out.


4th – [PPPD-393] Harura Mori 


Harura Mori was someone I wasn’t really familiar with before watching this video, but she turned me into a fan during it. It’s a really good performance for someone I wasn’t expecting anything out of. It’s not just the performance but the directing was great, as the scenes are very good and enjoyable. I hope everyone will agree with me just how good it was.


The video features 6 scenes, 3 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during 2 of them (plus the ending) and they almost get caught in 4 scenes. vlcsnap-2017-01-18-05h08m53s111In the first scene, the boyfriend and sister come home and are greeted by Harura, who slips out her breasts in the back to show the boyfriend, who takes note and is really excited. After they leave, she grabs the phone out of his bag and records a video of her touching herself. In the third scene, Harura’s sister is preparing some food when the boyfriend notices the video on his phone. Harura then comes over and gets him off. In the fourth scene, Harura and the boyfriend have sex while the girlfriend is in the bath, and they almost get caught when the girlfriend finishes her bath. In the fifth scene, Harura joins the boyfriend while he’s taking a bath and starts to get him off. The door between the bathroom and washroom is open when the girlfriend comes to dry her hair. The boyfriend and Harura are fucking at this point, and you can see them fucking in the bathtub behind the shower curtain while the girlfriend is drying her hair. vlcsnap-2017-01-18-05h09m25s650After she leaves, he creampies Harura. In the final scene, Harura and the boyfriend are getting busy on the couch while the girlfriend is sitting at a nearby table. Harura’s sister can’t see the boyfriend lying down on the couch, just Harura, and tries to call him when Harura points out his phone is right there. The girlfriend leaves the apartment to look for him and Harura takes this opportunity to lead him into the hallway to fuck. Harura puts a chain lock on the door, so when the girlfriend comes back, she can only see through the small crack to see them having sex. They eventually let her in and enjoy having sex while her sister is helpless until Harura gets creampied and the video ends.

I absolutely love the scenes in this video, the best of any video. What stands out to me is just how often they have the girlfriend in the scene and how much they’re almost getting caught. After the second scene where she touches herself, the girlfriend’s almost catching them in every scene. vlcsnap-2017-01-18-05h07m37s047Even in the final scene where they eventually get caught, they almost got caught early on when the boyfriend was lying down on the couch. It’s just really, really good to see them take advantage of the nature of the film and do a good job. They also find different ways to approach this too. In the third scene, you see them scrambling to get changed while the girlfriend is putting her clothes on in the hallway (you can see all three people simultaneously). In the bathroom scene, you get to see them having sex with the girlfriend within arm’s reach. Even in the last scene when they get caught, they found a unique way to do it where the girlfriend just sort of had to stand and watch without being able to do anything.


One downside is that Harura looks a little bit lost at times. She’s not entirely sure how to be seductive at some points, but it’s still pretty good. The other is that in a lot of cases, I have to sort of question how they’re not getting caught. The boyfriend’s phone was there, Harura was riding him, and somehow the girlfriend stood up and didn’t see anything, or notice her riding him and question what was going on.

Rating – 9.9/10

I was still pleasantly surprised at this video. Very high quality and just an all-around good video. I think this video does the best job at capturing the theme of the series. They go the extra mile to find ways for them to almost get caught, put the girlfriend in the picture, or just find different ways to approach things. I don’t know about you, but this video opened me to Harura Mori, and maybe you’ll find you enjoy her after seeing this as well.


3rd – [PPPD-506] Rena Fukiishi 


Rena Fukiishi plays the mom in this video, but boy does she do a good job. She comes off a desperate housewife who’s sex depraved enough that she’s willing to fuck her daughter’s boyfriend. She pulls though in every way and really drives home a great performance.


The video features 5 scenes, 2 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during 3 of them (plus the ending) and they almost get caught in 2 scenes. In the first scene, Rena’s daughter and the boyfriend are having sex when Rena comes and spies on them. She seems sex depraved and starts touching herself. When the boyfriend notices, she motions for him to join her, where she finishes the job. vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h29m49s571In the second scene, Rena is occupying the boyfriend in the kitchen while her daughter is doing her homework in the adjoining living room, and Rena decides it’s a good opportunity for a fucking. She forces the boyfriend onto her until they nearly get caught. After that it’s sex until he creampies her. In the third scene Rena joins him in the bathtub for some fun. In the fourth scene, her daughter’s on the phone with her father while Rena is cooking, and the boyfriend comes to help.  Except Rena doesn’t need help with cooking, she needs some loving, and starts fooling around with him where she gets him off not even 10 feet away from her daughter on the phone. In the final scene Rena joins them while they’re sleeping and has sex on the bed right beside her sleeping daughter. She’s too loud and the daughter wakes up to them fucking, where Rena eventually gets creampied. The video ends with Rena and her new lover getting busy on the living room couch.


What I love about this video is how well they capture the essence of the video, which is the risky sex. They find a lot of ways to promote that, whether it’s Rena watching them have sex and touching herself, doing it in the other room, or having Rena tug him literally behind the sister’s back. And of course there’s the final scene where they have sex right beside her. I especially like the kitchen scene because you can see the daughter is literally right there the entire time, and it seems just so risky. It’s one thing to have a buffer of the other room or being asleep, but all she has to do is turn around. I also enjoyed Rena’s acting, she certainly seems like a desperate housewife here. The story seemed to be that her husband was away which just makes it even better.


If there’s anything to complain about, it’s that Rena doesn’t fully grasp the situation at the end. I really expect them to nail the ending, which she doesn’t. Especially with Rena being the mom, I expect her to care more for her daughter and want to apologize or something. Sisters betraying one another, I can get behind, but Rena seems like a caring enough mother to warrant something. Anyway, this is really the only bad thing in the movie, and let’s be honest for a moment, a couple bad minutes in a two hour movie isn’t much, even if it’s at a crucial moment.


Rating – 10.1/10

Overall this is a really good video. Coming third on this list when the first and second place videos are among the very best two very good/popular actresses have ever done is quite a feat. If you’re not a Rena Fukiishi fan, I highly recommend this video as a starting point. The familiarity of the plot hopefully makes it easier to enjoy. I know she’s not easy to get into, she’s fairly old for a pornstar (36), has saggy breasts, tanned skin, and some crazy tan lines. But trust me when I say this, the video is worth watching, and who knows, you might find you like her.


2nd – [PPPD-340] Julia


Julia’s someone who is marred by inconsistent acting, so it really makes me happy when her acting in this video is fantastic. She does a good job acting, knowing what to do at each step, keeping her voice down, and not letting the sex stop her from acting. There are some very long, drawn-out scenes, but the sex looks great.


vlcsnap-2017-01-19-03h02m31s288The video features 4 scenes, 3 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during 1 of them (plus the ending) and they almost get caught in 3 scenes. In the first scene, Julia comes home and meets the boyfriend. Before her sister and her sister’s boyfriend leave, Julia’s sister goes to grab something she forgot. In that time, Julia seduces the boyfriend, and starts getting him off when it’s cut short. In the second scene, Julia’s cleaning in the hallway when the boyfriend emerges from the bedroom; they end up having sex right there in the hallway, finishing right before the sister comes looking for him. In the third scene, they’re all in the living room while the sister is playing some video games. vlcsnap-2017-01-19-03h03m26s908Julia and the boyfriend take this opportunity to screw around behind her. After almost getting caught, they take it outside to the balcony and then to another room where he creampies her. In the final scene, Julia joins them while they’re sleeping and fucks the boyfriend right beside her sister. Julia wakes her up to let her in on what’s going on, and then finally gets creampied in front of her upset sister.

Like I mentioned, Julia’s acting is very hit or miss. Sometimes it’s great, but other times, she sort of forgets to do things. She often lets herself go and stops acting, but this is a rare exception where she acts the entire time. She does a remarkable job and keeping it up the entire time. It’s not just her facial expressions or visual queues that are great, but the fact that she’s fully invested in the plot and acting appropriately. Especially in the final scene, Julia’s constantly looking at and talking to her sister while having sex, and it’s great to see she can act and have sex at the same time. The sex was also really good, especially when they had sex on the balcony.


There isn’t really much that could have been done better. I guess perhaps it would have been better if the girlfriend was in the scene a bit more, cause she was only in the background once, but it was a really long scene and they found different ways for her to be in the background. For me, this is probably Julia’s best performance. Three good creampie scenes, incredible acting, what’s not to love? It only scored second on the list, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for scoring it first, it’s really good.

Rating – 10.3/10

Overall I highly, highly recommend this one. I think a lot of people like Julia, and it’s hard not to like this video. If your normal complaints are that she’s submissive or doesn’t act very well, she does exactly the opposite, acting very well and being in control. I’m not sure we’ll ever see something better from her, and if that’s the case, I’m okay with that.


1st – [PPPD-402] Hitomi Tanaka


If you’ve made it this far, you shouldn’t be surprised that this was the best entry in the series. I know, I love Hitomi and of course this is the best, but this video is the best based on its merit rather than a bias I have for Hitomi. Her acting is hands down the best of anyone in the series, and it really helps the video.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h22m15s910The video features 5 (or 6 depending on how you look at it) scenes, 3 of them ending in creampies. The girlfriend is in the scene during 3 of them (plus the ending) and they almost get caught in 2 scenes. In the first scene, Hitomi and the boyfriend are eating in the morning while the girlfriend had to leave, and she eventually just decides to fuck him in the living room. In the second scene, the boyfriend is preparing dinner while his girlfriend is at the table, and Hitomi comes and gives him some service, tugging, blowing, and a paizuri behind the counter. In the third scene, the sister and her boyfriend are sitting in her room when Hitomi is out on the balcony using a dildo to tempt the guy. He comes and joins her in the hallway where they have some fun before the girlfriend comes looking and they cut it short. In the fourth scene, Hitomi sneaks out of the apartment to catch the boyfriend returning from the store and fuck him just outside. This eventually transitions into them going inside, where they have sex in a hallway with her sister visible in the other room. vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h23m37s986In the final scene, Hitomi and the boyfriend are having sex just around a corner when the sister is looking for her boyfriend. She leaves and they proceed into the living room to have sex. Part way through, Hitomi calls her sister to let her in on it, and the sister comes back to find them having sex. It ends with Hitomi taking a creampie and letting her sister know what’s what.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h24m15s879My absolute favourite part of this entry is Hitomi’s acting. It’s, hands down, the best in the entire series. Hitomi displays a wide range of emotions and her facial expressions are always on point. There’s no way to put it other than Hitomi simply knows what to do at every step of the way. vlcsnap-2016-10-31-23h07m32s872Whether she’s out on the balcony telling the guy he’s coming to join her, enjoying getting him off from behind the counter, or letting her sister know he just creampied her, it’s all perfect. Outside of that, the video does a solid job of putting the sister in the scene and having the risky sex aspect. I particularly liked the last scene where they almost got caught right away, as many of them prefer to only have the portion at the end where they get caught.


When it comes to finding ways to be better, there really aren’t. Maybe they could have had a stronger introduction, but it’s mostly nitpicking at that point. This is one of those rare videos where you just have to accept how fantastic it really is. Great sex scenes that end in creampie, phenomenal acting, what’s more to want?

Rating – 10.4/10

I know Hitomi is someone people either love or hate, and I understand why and respect their decision. If there’s ever a Hitomi video you’re going to watch that isn’t MIRD-150, this has to be it. It’s as good of a video as she’ll ever produce, and there are plenty of reasons to enjoy it outside of it being Hitomi, like her fantastic acting and all the risky sex they have. There’s a reason why PanKing rated it a 10/10 and why it’s number one on this list.


The series is still going strong, the latest being released only a month ago and another upcoming release. I really hope they keep it up, because this is really the best series in JAV. No other series is so easy to follow along with, has so many great performers in it, and has as good acting. I absolutely hope they get some of my favourites in the series such as Kaho Shibuya and Chitose Saegusa, who I think could easily make the top 10 list.

So there you have my top 10 Girlfriend’s Elder Sister (GES) videos. What are your favourite entries in the series? Do you agree with the choices I made? A list of all the videos in the series can be found here.


[PPPD-340] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Julia

Julia’s entry into my all-time favourite series. I imagine a lot of people are reading this wondering if Julia can put forth the performance needed, and I can happily say she does. Where Julia can sometimes struggle and come off as not acting very well, she pulls off one of the best performances of her career.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h59m26s270As the story starts out, the gf brings her bf to her house and meets Julia. When they’re leaving, the gf goes to grab something she forgot and Julia offers to tie his shoes, then she gets down and her suit has one too many buttons undone. She proceeds to try and show him into her shirt, it all seems a little forced. It escalates fairly quickly as she takes off her suit, then takes out her breasts, and finally starts blowing him/giving him a paizuri. They almost get caught when the gf comes down, Julia using her suit jacket to cover her open shirt. The scene cuts there.

In the second scene, the bf and gf have sex using a condom and Julia comes and spies on them. The bf finishes really quickly. Weirdly, the bf’s back is to Julia and the gf is in missionary where she might see Julia, but the sister doesn’t notice for some reason. Probably too occupied with the sex, which is reasonable. The scene then cuts.

In the third scene, Julia’s vacuuming in the hall with a very loose-fitting shirt, just some boxer shorts, and no bra. There’s no way it leads to nothing when he comes out of the bedroom, and she soon pulls down his pants and starts blowing him. After some blowing/tit play (not much of a paizuri), they proceed to sex. They do it in various positions before he finally creampies her. They change really quickly after and just dodge the gf noticing. The sex looks pretty nice, including a standing position where he fucks her from the front.

In the fourth scene, they’re in the living room, the gf playing PlayStation, and by the sound of it, Pac-Man. Julia and the bf start fooling around on the couch behind her. The gf is lying over the table in the front, but when she re-positions herself behind it, Julia and the bf have to move back and stop for a moment. Julia, on a different couch, starts to play with herself and tempts him until he can’t endure and has to go over. Eventually, Julia elects to take it outside to the balcony, separated by a sliding glass door. They continue outside and start having sex, even doing it up against the glass. From the various angles, you get to see the gf in the picture as well. They’re good about using angles from inside the room and outside the balcony that show the girlfriend. After a while, they move into a dining area where they continue for a while until he creams her.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-03h16m59s316In the fifth and final scene, Julia visits them at night. This goes per usual, she starts blowing him, paizuri, then sex. Julia’s very good at keeping her voice down. At some point, they turn on the light before continuing. Afterwards, Julia decides to wake up her sister and announce what they’re doing. She has a dialogue with her sister that seems to say: look, I stole your boyfriend because oppai and creampie, deal with it. Her dialogue is rather long, and she continually acknowledges the sad/crying sister beside her. After she gets creampied, she still has a dialogue/look on her face that’s very good.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h59m11s427Julia looks fantastic in this video. I disliked the first suit she wore, and the use of it felt forced when she was tempting the bf. However, she played it well using the jacket for cover later, which made up for it. The loose shirt and then the sweater she uses in the second last scene are absolutely great. And, like with a lot of Julia’s more recent videos, she looks fantastic. Julia’s face has looked different throughout her career, but she’s absolutely stunning currently.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-03h18m06s722Her acting is actually quite good in this video. She’s good at knowing when to tell him to be quiet as well as when to cover her mouth because she might moan too loudly. She does a good job at tempting him, what with playing with herself on the couch, both with her pussy and licking her tits. In the most important scene, she successfully manages to convince me of the action. I think maybe a bigger grin when she smirked would have been nice, but if that’s my only complaint, enjoy your rating, good woman. I think more than anything, giving Julia clear direction on how to act really helped her. When they have just a standard scene, she kind of lets go and really succumbs to how pleasurable it is, often becoming a bit of a mess and needing the guy to move things forward. In this video, she did a good job of remembering to move the scene along and keep up her acting. She also doesn’t really over-act like she often can be seen doing.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-03h15m50s208The sex looked absolutely fantastic. Julia’s breasts move around nicely, and they were large enough to properly paizuri. They manage to do a lot of standing positions that look hot, especially when she’s up against the window and her breasts keep flapping into it. Keeping her sweater partially on during that was also nice, as I really like how that sweater looks on girls. Julia’s also pretty good at keeping herself in control.

The plot is very good in this one too. They start off with something small to tempt him, including a small build-up where she first meets him. They actually don’t even finish in the first scene, which is great because it just leads into more desire from the guy. There are no issues in the video either, and it flows nicely throughout the day. The closest they come is the sister getting it in missionary in a way that, if she held her head up, she’d see Julia, fully clothed.

wake up, I’m fucking your boyfriend


The scenes are also well done. No bathroom scene is top notch for me, as that scene generally feels out of place. They had a couple of scenes where they almost got caught, even right at the beginning and then when they were getting busy in the living room. They transitioned nicely during scenes as well, like moving from room to room. The only weird part was when Julia left in the final scene and came back with her turning the lights on. She woke up her sister, which was weird but also unique. I end up neutral on it just because it’s nice to see variations in how they approach introducing the girlfriend at the end.

Rating – 10.3/10


This is a fantastic video, no doubt about it. Julia looks great and gives one hell of a performance. Definitely a must watch. I don’t think it matters whether you do or don’t like this series or whether you do or don’t like Julia, the video is just all around great.


[PPPD-506] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Rena Fukiishi

Rena Fukiishi plays the mom in this video, as your girlfriend’s mom tempts you with her big tits. Rena isn’t someone a lot of people like, though I personally really like her. This is a really good video any way you slice it though, and hopefully it’s videos like these that make people give her a chance.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h19m31s413The video starts out with the girl telling her mom she’s bringing her bf home. She brings him home, they briefly meet, and the scene cuts to the gf and bf having sex. During the scene, Rena walks over and spies on them starting to touch herself when the guy notices. She has a look of desperation on her face like she’s envious, maybe her husband is away and she’s not getting any action. At some point, he can’t take that she’s out there in all her cougar glory and excuses himself to go to the bathroom right in the middle of sex. Little does the gf know, he goes and gets off with the help of Rena. She doesn’t particularly do much, she tugs him a bit, sucks him a bit, and rubs his dick on her breasts before he finishes. Not surprising he finished fast, he was right in the middle of sex.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h21m32s858In the second scene, Rena and the boyfriend are in the kitchen while the girlfriend is doing her homework in the living room. The gf asks her mom to take care of her bf while she’s busy. He stares at her revealing top until she just grabs his hand and forces him on her. He tries to stop it but then just gives up and gives in to his temptation. As they’re fooling around, the girlfriend gets up to ask her mom a question about her homework, where the guy scrambles to put his cock back in his pants and Rena puts her breasts back in her tank top (she was wearing a sweater and bra that she previously took off). The scene continues with cunnilingus, paizuri, and whatnot until sex. They do it in various positions including while they’re on the chair, until he creams her while lying on the floor. You can see the gf in the living room throughout most of the scene.

In the third scene, they’re reading some magazines in her room until Rena comes in and says something, then the scene cuts and the guy’s in the bath. Rena comes by while he’s bathing and helps wash him, among other things. It’s relatively short and it seems like the girlfriend knew he was going to bathe and she was okay with it. She was content in her room and seemed to not notice Rena came by, and it’s not as if they spent too long or he went to pee and took 10 minutes.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h29m49s571In the fourth scene, the gf is on the phone with her dad in a room beside the kitchen, where Rena is cooking. As the bf comes by, the gf seems to indicate it’ll be a few minutes so she suggests he help Rena in the kitchen. But he can’t just help her with cooking, she wants him. He doesn’t want to but she forces herself on him, pulling out her breasts and kissing him. At some point the gf calls for her mom, and she puts her breasts back in her top, answers the phone, and then gives it back to the daughter. Seems like it’s Rena’s husband away on business, which would explain why she seems to want the guy so much, and why the daughter is going to spend a long time on the phone. Also explains why Rena only briefly uses the phone, since she’s supposed to be prepping dinner. It would similarly explain her earlier behaviour where she spies on them and looks like she’s envious. Anyway, Rena gives him one hell of a paizuri before he finishes, and the scene cuts out there.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h30m20s782The final scene is the bf/gf going to sleep. Rena has plans for him not to go to sleep, and wakes him up. He’s hesitant but Rena insists on them doing the nasty and once again, forces him, telling him to be quiet and covering his mouth. When her bra comes off, he can’t help but enjoy her breasts. It has a typical transition as they slowly build up into sex. Rena holds her voice and covers her mouth at some points when she just can’t hold it. The girlfriend wakes up at some point after Rena’s just a little bit too loud. Rena just tells him to continue rather than acknowledging the daughter. Eventually he creampies Rena with the gf beside her. Rena says something to her daughter after she gets creampied.


The video ends with them just happily doing it on the couch the next morning.


The appearance of Rena is very good in the video as a whole. She looks about par for her, but her average is really high and really consistent. Her clothes are quite good, revealing but not outrageous. Like when she’s doing it in the kitchen, she has a revealing top on but with the apron, nobody is going to pay too much attention (and it’s not absurdly revealing).

The sex is great, she’s a good performer. She knows what she wants and dictates the pace. She gives a pretty solid paizuri, turns out her saggy breasts are still pretty good. She does a good job at transitioning between positions but giving each one their light. Her sex also just looks good, she moves around a lot and moves her hips and such.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h25m48s149The acting is quite good, the only issue being not responding to her daughter catching them. I think of all the videos, her being a caring mother should cause more of a reaction. I was expecting her to pat her daughter on the head or something, but alas, nothing. I probably would have lost it if she pat her on the head. Outside of that mediocre non-interaction, the acting is good. She covers her mouth, his mouth, tells him to shh. Her expressions are actually very good, and I really do get the sense that she’s sex depraved and that she really wants him. It’s all about acting the way the audience expects, and she really hit the mark.

The plot is good here, no sort of flow or logic issues. She meets the guy and has the introduction, catches them in the act, and blows him in the hall. They also don’t have creampie sex until he’s blown one load for her first, which is what I like to see. I prefer them to build up to creampie sex rather than start with it. In particular, she blows him very quickly in the hall, which makes him leaving for the bathroom not feel so bad.

The scene work is great too. Two scenes where they almost get caught, two scenes where the daughter is visible for a large portion of the scene. It’s above the average by quite a bit, which I approve of. With five scenes and no repeat locations (bathroom, kitchen, dining room, hallway, bedroom), it works great. They also cut the video with them getting busy in the living room just to give some final context.

someone’s not too happy

All-in-all, it’s just a fantastic entry in the series. I have exactly two complaints, one is barely an issue, making my only real complaint that she says nothing when they get caught. I really do like to see good endings, but I’m not going to let the ending ruin what’s a really good video. The rest of it is great, and the scene work is overall quite good.

Rating – 10.1/10


I’d highly recommend this video to anyone who’s a fan of the series or Rena Fukiishi. If you’re not a fan of her, this is definitely a good video to start out with. The familiar plot of the series can make this really enjoyable, and the acting is very good. Rena Fukiishi’s not for everyone, she has saggy breasts, tanned skin, and very unusual tan lines, but if you can get past that, this is a fantastic video.


[PPPD-481] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Asahi Mizuno


Asahi Mizuno is your girlfriend’s elder sister and tempts you with her big tits. I think this was the first Asahi Mizuno video I ever saw, and boy am I glad. It’s a great video with some iconic scenes.

vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h13m21s469In the first scene, Asahi meets the boyfriend, and then spies on them having sex. The girlfriend doesn’t let him creampie her so he comes outside. After that, when the bf goes to the washroom, he runs into Asahi, who’s wearing a revealing top and starts to tempt him.


In the second scene, they’re eating dinner and Asahi starts giving him a footjob. He leaves in the middle of it with an erection and Asahi goes after him, where she takes off her top and he starts playing with her breasts. The girlfriend gets up at some point and Asahi has to put her top back on. She gives him a bj/paizuri and then the scene cuts. During the scene, the majority of it is from a perspective of the kitchen, so you see them doing it all behind the girlfriend.

vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h19m29s761In the third scene, the bf and gf go to sleep and Asahi comes to wake him up to have sex with her, right in the same room. Asahi does a solid job of keeping her voice down, even when her voice does leak through, it’s still rather muffled. She’s not afraid to control the scene, giving him a paizuri and dictating the flow of it. He eventually creampies her.

vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h16m27s231In the fourth scene, she gets him to come have a bath with her in the morning. The door’s open and the girlfriend comes in to the other half of the bathroom (the bath portion is separated), and they have to be sneaky/keep their voice down. The water’s not on so you can’t tell that someone’s bathing. She’s telling him to keep his voice down while she’s viciously tugging him.

vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h17m40s078In the fifth scene, she pulls him into a tiny kitchen and starts giving him a bj, he gets completely naked. The gf comes looking and Asahi puts on her clothes while the guy hides behind a cupboard. They finish up with the scene (no sex) after the gf leaves.


vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h27m02s930In the final scene, the bf comes back to visit Asahi because he likes her creampie sex. She obliges and they get straight to it. His girlfriend doesn’t know that he’s there. Early on in the scene, he hides under her covers It’s really weird when the covers stick up that high, but whatever, I can live with it. It’s really surprising how long it takes the GF to notice what’s going on, because the door’s wide open and she’s cleaning the wall outside. She even talks to Asahi during but never looks in her direction for some reason. Eventually she moans too loudly and the gf comes in and starts crying. The bf apologizes but keeps on going, and Asahi just sort of says something in passing. When he creampies her, Asahi says something to her sister and has a brief smirk.

Asahi looks pretty good in this video, not her best, but still quite good. The top she wears in the beginning is nice, it’s revealing enough to entice him but not overly revealing to be slutty. I think what I dislike is Asahi with her hair that short (even if it’s normally short, it’s often longer), and it’s also very straight and neat instead of being a little dishevelled like I prefer.

The acting is good for everything except the culminating moment. The ending was okay, but I expected a lot more. She does a mediocre job of acknowledging her sister, unfortunately, and also does a mediocre job when she takes the creampie. She sort of says something and turns her head with a little smirk, but really much. The boyfriend saying sorry is about as much as Asahi does. Honestly though, the rest of the acting is good, she’s good at controlling him as well as knowing when to tell him to be quiet. For all that I complain about the ending, the acting is generally very good.


The plot of this video is just incredible. They make the bathroom scene work where it normally fails. I never really have a question about what’s going on, the boyfriend shows up, she entices him, and that’s that. Even in the last scene, when she calls his name and he motions for her to keep her voice down, it seems clear to me he came by himself to see Asahi. I’d say the only thing is how realistic the last scene is, as he hides under covers (it’s too tall when he’s hiding under). That plot always boggles me cause it just seems so obvious there’s something under there.

The sex is similarly good, Asahi makes it look great. Again, giving the paizuri with tits not large enough to properly give one means the sex can only look so good, especially when there’s a lot of paizuri just built into scenes. She ends up giving him the kind of paizuri where his cock is in front of her breasts. That’s about the only issue with the sex. The rest of it looks good, they have a variety of positions and they make them look good.

Be quiet or we’ll wake up my sister behind us

The scenes are done fantastically. What I like the most is that in every sex scene, you can see the girlfriend at some point. In four of the sex scenes, the girlfriend is in the background, and in the fifth, she interrupts at some point. In two scenes, Asahi has to fix her clothes before the gf sees, which is great. They manage to mix up the locations as well, they do it in two different bedrooms, a corridor leading from the dining room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. This really helps them drive home the theme of them doing it behind her back and that it really is risky for them.

Rating: 9.8/10


This is honestly one of the better videos in this series. There’s just so many things done right here. My complaints are relatively minor, like nitpicking her appearance or breast size a little bit, and if those weren’t downsides for you, this could easily be your favourite entry.