[PPPD-481] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Asahi Mizuno


Asahi Mizuno is your girlfriend’s elder sister and tempts you with her big tits. I think this was the first Asahi Mizuno video I ever saw, and boy am I glad. It’s a great video with some iconic scenes.

vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h13m21s469In the first scene, Asahi meets the boyfriend, and then spies on them having sex. The girlfriend doesn’t let him creampie her so he comes outside. After that, when the bf goes to the washroom, he runs into Asahi, who’s wearing a revealing top and starts to tempt him.


In the second scene, they’re eating dinner and Asahi starts giving him a footjob. He leaves in the middle of it with an erection and Asahi goes after him, where she takes off her top and he starts playing with her breasts. The girlfriend gets up at some point and Asahi has to put her top back on. She gives him a bj/paizuri and then the scene cuts. During the scene, the majority of it is from a perspective of the kitchen, so you see them doing it all behind the girlfriend.

vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h19m29s761In the third scene, the bf and gf go to sleep and Asahi comes to wake him up to have sex with her, right in the same room. Asahi does a solid job of keeping her voice down, even when her voice does leak through, it’s still rather muffled. She’s not afraid to control the scene, giving him a paizuri and dictating the flow of it. He eventually creampies her.

vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h16m27s231In the fourth scene, she gets him to come have a bath with her in the morning. The door’s open and the girlfriend comes in to the other half of the bathroom (the bath portion is separated), and they have to be sneaky/keep their voice down. The water’s not on so you can’t tell that someone’s bathing. She’s telling him to keep his voice down while she’s viciously tugging him.

vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h17m40s078In the fifth scene, she pulls him into a tiny kitchen and starts giving him a bj, he gets completely naked. The gf comes looking and Asahi puts on her clothes while the guy hides behind a cupboard. They finish up with the scene (no sex) after the gf leaves.


vlcsnap-2017-01-07-05h27m02s930In the final scene, the bf comes back to visit Asahi because he likes her creampie sex. She obliges and they get straight to it. His girlfriend doesn’t know that he’s there. Early on in the scene, he hides under her covers It’s really weird when the covers stick up that high, but whatever, I can live with it. It’s really surprising how long it takes the GF to notice what’s going on, because the door’s wide open and she’s cleaning the wall outside. She even talks to Asahi during but never looks in her direction for some reason. Eventually she moans too loudly and the gf comes in and starts crying. The bf apologizes but keeps on going, and Asahi just sort of says something in passing. When he creampies her, Asahi says something to her sister and has a brief smirk.

Asahi looks pretty good in this video, not her best, but still quite good. The top she wears in the beginning is nice, it’s revealing enough to entice him but not overly revealing to be slutty. I think what I dislike is Asahi with her hair that short (even if it’s normally short, it’s often longer), and it’s also very straight and neat instead of being a little dishevelled like I prefer.

The acting is good for everything except the culminating moment. The ending was okay, but I expected a lot more. She does a mediocre job of acknowledging her sister, unfortunately, and also does a mediocre job when she takes the creampie. She sort of says something and turns her head with a little smirk, but really much. The boyfriend saying sorry is about as much as Asahi does. Honestly though, the rest of the acting is good, she’s good at controlling him as well as knowing when to tell him to be quiet. For all that I complain about the ending, the acting is generally very good.


The plot of this video is just incredible. They make the bathroom scene work where it normally fails. I never really have a question about what’s going on, the boyfriend shows up, she entices him, and that’s that. Even in the last scene, when she calls his name and he motions for her to keep her voice down, it seems clear to me he came by himself to see Asahi. I’d say the only thing is how realistic the last scene is, as he hides under covers (it’s too tall when he’s hiding under). That plot always boggles me cause it just seems so obvious there’s something under there.

The sex is similarly good, Asahi makes it look great. Again, giving the paizuri with tits not large enough to properly give one means the sex can only look so good, especially when there’s a lot of paizuri just built into scenes. She ends up giving him the kind of paizuri where his cock is in front of her breasts. That’s about the only issue with the sex. The rest of it looks good, they have a variety of positions and they make them look good.

Be quiet or we’ll wake up my sister behind us

The scenes are done fantastically. What I like the most is that in every sex scene, you can see the girlfriend at some point. In four of the sex scenes, the girlfriend is in the background, and in the fifth, she interrupts at some point. In two scenes, Asahi has to fix her clothes before the gf sees, which is great. They manage to mix up the locations as well, they do it in two different bedrooms, a corridor leading from the dining room, the bathroom, and the kitchen. This really helps them drive home the theme of them doing it behind her back and that it really is risky for them.

Rating: 9.8/10


This is honestly one of the better videos in this series. There’s just so many things done right here. My complaints are relatively minor, like nitpicking her appearance or breast size a little bit, and if those weren’t downsides for you, this could easily be your favourite entry.


[PPPD-488] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – AIKA

So this is Aika’s entry into this series. Off the bat, Aika starring here strikes me as odd because her breasts are rather small for the oppai community. I get why she stars here, it’s because she’s a good actress and very popular. While I have strong opinions about this video because of her small breasts, others who are fans of her or care less about that fact may enjoy this much more than I.


The intro bit is just really weird. The bf comes over to his gf’s house and gets greeted by Aika. He literally stares at her chest for 10 seconds, even kind of leans forward a bit, and the gf doesn’t notice. Aika does though, and has a nice smirk on her face like she’s up to no good. She’s wearing an outfit that’s good for the act of staring at her chest, despite her breasts being relatively small.

vlcsnap-2017-01-15-03h37m08s362.pngIn the first scene, the bf and gf have sex, he finishes into the condom, and then the girlfriend goes to sleep. While they’re having sex, Aika walks by and starts touching herself in the hallway, to which the boyfriend notices. The gf dozes off instantly after sex and Aika uses this as an opportunity to visit the guy. Using her breasts as bait, she tugs him off quickly right on the bed with the girlfriend sleeping there, then the scene cuts.


In the second scene it seems like the three of them are drinking. At some point, Aika’s the only one still awake, the other two passed out. Aika wakes up the bf for some fun and they have a full scene which includes a creampie.

vlcsnap-2017-01-15-03h38m48s649.pngIn the third scene, they’re eating breakfast and Aika drops her fork or something. She goes under the table to pick it up and starts touching the guy. She pulls down his pants and really goes in on him, then the gf goes to answer the door. Aika finishes him while the gf is at the door, and he has to scramble to put on his pants when the gf returns, Aika scrambles to hide back under the table. She re-emerges with her utensil before the scene ends. The whole scene seems strange that she can be under the table for 10 minutes and the gf isn’t concerned. The gf does ask if she’s alright at one point, but with the length of time spent under the table, it’s really a cause for concern, and I would have definitely looked.

In the fourth scene, Aika catches him before he joins the girlfriend for the bath and quickly gets him off using her breasts. The girlfriend opens the door to look for him and they scramble, the guy tries to lean in a bit and has a toothbrush sort of indicating he’ll be a minute, while Aika is just around the corner. The door is kind of moved in a little bit toward the bath-room, so Aika hiding just in plain sight is a little bit more believable. She finishes him off quickly after the gf disappears.


In the final scene, the bf/gf are playing cards and the mom calls the daughter when Aika checks up on them, and so the gf leaves and Aika entertains him. The girlfriend is talking on the phone just outside the room, back turned to them, and they start having sex. Aika’s too loud at some point and the gf returns, crying about what’s going on and all. They continue despite it and then creampie.


Aika looks great in this series, and has a lot of slutty clothes on. She strikes me as a masochist who’s just crossing another fetish off her bucket list, but that works out perfectly here. Makeup is on point as it normally is. Personally, I prefer Aika’s hair to be a little more dishevelled. Outside of that, her small breasts detract a little bit, I’m sorry, but that’s how it has to be for this series. The whole point of the series is that her large breasts are what prompts the guy to be interested, and that really just falls flat here for me.

The sex is good, but not great. Aika’s small breasts repeatedly get in the way of actually properly fuelling the acting. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but when it comes to the guy repeatedly playing with them or her giving him a paizuri, it’s just not nearly as good when they’re not big enough. 

Aika’s acting is what makes this video so good. Her facial expressions are just perfect, she always has a smirk on her face like she’s up to no good, and it’s great. She does one in the intro before the scene fades and another at the end after she gets creampied, and it’s really great to see. She really drives home the attitude of knowing what she was doing and doing it intentionally. While she doesn’t converse with her sister in the final scene, it really goes to show that you don’t actually need a conversation to accomplish anything. Just her looking over her shoulder with that expression is enough to satisfy my need for that interaction. I suppose it could have been slightly better, but it was still good.

The plot has a few strange things that make me question the video. In particular, the scene where she’s under the table for 10 minutes is just strange, and I still have no idea how the sister didn’t seem to care. There’s also the intro where he’s staring for a while and the girlfriend doesn’t notice. I’m so confused, I truly am. Let’s also not forget that Aika being in this video makes no sense, her breasts are not big, not anywhere near big enough. She might tempt you for other reasons, but not that reason.

Scenes were great in this one. The bathroom scene was her stopping him outside of it, which was a good alternative, in my opinion. I find bathroom scenes often don’t live up to the rest of the video because they can’t display the theme, but this is a nice spin on it that works out well. They almost got caught in two scenes, once in the middle, once at the end (having both variations was nice). They had two scenes where the gf was fully in the scene, twice where the gf is sleeping beside them; I would have liked to see her awake while they had sex, but I’ll take it. That said, she’s also visibly awake in the final scene, as they already did sleeping stuff, plus she’s in a portion of the kitchen scene, so it was fine and didn’t feel like there was a void.

One of the better entries in the series for sure. Aika’s facial expressions are just super on point. While I strongly disagree with including Aika in this series, it’s a popular series and Aika is popular. It’s the same as Yui Hatano getting a scene, although Yui Hatano has larger breasts. Personally, I’m not an Aika fan, but it’s hard to ignore how good of a performance she brings. Whether you’re a fan of her or not, or a fan of her being in this series or not, there’s a reason she’s one of the most successful JAV actresses out there.

Rating – 9.7/10


It’s a good video if you like Aika or the series. For me, it’s a bit rough around the edges with Aika’s small breasts because it just feels weird in a series with “big boobs” in the title. That fact certainly comes to fruition at certain points, but other things can make up for it. If you can get past that, it’ll be one of the best entries for you.


[PPPD-402] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Hitomi

Ah yes, Hitomi’s Girlfriend’s Elder Sister video. Those who have seen my top 10 Hitomi videos will know this is my favourite video of hers next to MIRD-150, which is saying a lot when MIRD-150 is perhaps the best JAV of all time.

vlcsnap-2017-01-20-02h46m48s298The video starts out with all three of them sitting in the living room, Hitomi in a nice, loose-fitting one piece. The girlfriend says the bf is going to stay the night and the video wipes as Hitomi says she’ll see them later. We next see the pair in the bedroom, Hitomi looking on from the balcony. She’s standing behind her sister, it’s unclear if the bf sees her but I have a hard time believing he doesn’t.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h25m18s537In the first scene, the gf is leaving while the bf looks like he’s getting up in the morning. Hitomi’s eating breakfast in a one piece and comes and sits down with him, giving him some food to eat. After a bit, she starts coming on to him, and, well, people can’t resist. There’s not a ton to say about this, Hitomi makes the sex look good though. They have a full sex scene and he creampies her. I tend to prefer more of a setup before they have sex/a creampie, so if there’s anything to complain about, that would be it, as small of a complaint as it is.

In the second scene, the bf is cooking in the kitchen while the gf is at the table about 5 feet away from him, back turned to him, reading a magazine. Hitomi enters the scene quietly behind the counter and goes to work on the guy. Off come his pants and welcome to Hitomi’s mouth. She sits bum on the floor to prevent her head from being visible over the counter and sucks him. There’s dialogue between the gf and bf while Hitomi’s getting him off, which eventually leads to a paizuri. She’s standing up a bit doing the paizuri so you could see her over the counter, and eventually the gf turns around and Hitomi quickly ducks. While she’s ducked, she’s viciously jerking him off. There’s some portions where she’s standing and then he eventually blows his load. He really shoots hit, Hitomi makes a face of pure surprise and excitement from it. All I gotta say is wow, what a load.

you’re coming to join me, end of story

vlcsnap-2017-01-20-02h47m50s979In the third scene, Hitomi’s spying on them from the balcony, tits out, telling the guy to come join her. She’s got a fucking giant dildo vibe in her hand too, and makes some lewd faces with it, licking the tip and such. He eventually leaves and she catches him in the hallway. They fool around, making good use of that vibrator. She blows him and such, and just as they move to sex, the girlfriend gets up and then scramble. Hitomi’s left in the hallway and the gf passes by, asks for her bf, and continues to go look for him. This triggers the end of the scene.

In the fourth scene, they continue, in what’s like a porch enclosure for their apartment (you can see the apartment number and a buzzer of some sort). The guy has a bag in his hand when it starts, as if he went to the store to grab some stuff. After a while of them having sex, they move back into the apartment and find the gf sitting in the living room on her laptop. They have sex in front of a glass door sectioning off the room, and you can sometimes see the gf in the corner of the video through the glass. Hitomi often looks over at her sister. He eventually creampies Hitomi after a few positions.


vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h24m05s038In the final scene, Hitomi’s giving him a bj/paizuri in the room adjacent to the main room just behind the wall sectioning off the two. The gf is in the other room and starts using the phone. At some point, she gets up looking for him but doesn’t quite see them behind the wall. She ends up leaving the room and closing the door. At this point, Hitomi moves them to the other room and they start having sex. At some point, the gf calls Hitomi in the middle, and she tells her sister the bf is with her, even handing him the phone. She hangs up on her sister a bit abruptly and she calls back.vlcsnap-2017-01-20-03h15m33s982.png I can’t tell whether it’s before she calls back or not, but Hitomi makes it obvious they’re having sex and the gf runs home. She enters the scene on the phone with Hitomi to catch them having sex. Hitomi talks to her sister and makes some nice facial expressions to sell the act. After Hitomi gets creampied, she makes an effort to show her sister what a mess they made, even going as far as to play with the cum in front of the sister.

Hitomi looks great in this video, and the outfits are all great. A lot of loose-fitting clothing that allows her to show off her assets when tempting him.


Her acting is phenomenal, and gets a perfect score from me. She does a fucking fantastic job seducing him, she goes out of her way to put on the act. Good facial expressions and reminders for him to be quiet. Her seduction makes me want to blow my load when she’s out on the balcony with the vibrator motioning him to come join her. What really sells it is the ending, which is one of the best, if not the best. She simply understands exactly what she’s supposed to be doing, making it clear what she’s doing to her sister and that she enjoyed it.


Maybe I’m biased, but Hitomi sex always looks good. Her paizuri’s are to die for, and she makes it look good even when the gf is sitting right there. She knows how to use her body to make the sex look good. Again, maybe I’m biased because Hitomi can swing her breasts like no other and I really like that. I thought she was still pretty good overall at dictating the scenes and being in control.

There’s no real issues with the plot. I think they just barely have enough dialogue to make the first scene creampie not be a problem. I would have preferred to see some sort of quickie type scene before they creampie, but it’s certainly not bad.


The scene work is incredible in this one too. A lot of the girlfriend in the scene or almost being caught. The GF was in the scene twice and they almost got caught in the middle three times, it was super enjoyable. Like I’ve said before, this is my favourite part of the series, and they simply understand it here. I guess if they’re going to have someone do a good job of it, it’s Hitomi with her amazing acting skills.


Overall, this is the best in the series. Hitomi gives the most incredible performance. The last scene is just great from start to finish, from almost being caught to the phone bit to Hitomi’s insanely good ending. I can’t stress how well it was acted and how nice it was.


Rating – 10.4/10

Whether you’re a fan of Hitomi or not, it’s hard to deny how good of a video this was. I’m not an AIKA fan at all, but I could recognize just how good her video was; this video is way better. If there’s ever a video to recommend to non-Hitomi fans that isn’t MIRD-150, this would be it.


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Panking’s Top 10 Actresses

I created a top 10 list some time ago and I’ve decided its time for a revision. Some actresses are out and others are in. Also a few have swapped places. Without further ado lets kick it off with:

10. Kaho Kasumi


Kaho Kasumi is one my newest additions to my list. Always heard her name thrown around but never really gotten into her until I saw her in MIMK-039:


After that I watched more and more and fell in love. I was blown away by how amazing of a performer she is. She’s probably one of the best performers in jav in recent times. She possessed incredible energy, enthusiasm and passion. Also she tends to get very sweaty during her scenes which is always a plus in my book.

I also think she’s got a fantastic and well proportioned body. While her boobs may not be the biggest they fit her body very well and are all natural. Besides that she’s got a nice toned physique. I find her belly to be really sexy with no hint of flab and great ab definition.


The only reasons she doesn’t rank higher is that her ass isn’t the best and I must say her early work is rather mediocre compared to her later videos. Seems like she really grew and blossomed as she got older and more mature. Here’s my recommend videos for her:


9.Ai Uehara


Her placement on my list may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you. I’ve just kinda fallen away from her since she retired. But she still easily makes my list due to her unrivaled acting skills. She boasts incredible enthusiasm and gives it her all in every single video. Also she’s not shy when it comes to trying new things. She’s done it all including cum swallowing, bukkake, lesbian, anal, interracial, uncensored and even dp.

She also has one of the most unique bodies in jav. Nice tits and ass combined with thick thighs and her ability to squirt which is utterly amazing to watch.


I didn’t rank her higher simply because after she retired I sorta forgot about her. But no doubt she left a legacy behind and is one of the most prolific actresses of the past decade. Some of my favorites of hers include:


8. Haruki Sato


Again just like Ai Uehara Haruki Sato’s placement has dropped a bit due to her retirement and just not seeing any new content from her. However I still lover her as she’s one my first loves of jav. Its incredible how many changes her body went through during her career. Starting off with being rather skinny and then putting on some weight and becoming thicc. Although she ended her career with a rather poor look as she got very chubby during her final videos. That being said during her prime years she had one of the best overall bodies ever. Amazing hips, great tits, nice ass, thick thighs and just flat out insane curves. A true hourglass body.

Another great feature of Haruki is her superb squirting ability. She’s definitely up there as one of the best and can squirt like a geyser. She also played and performed in a variety of roles and videos. From interracial to bukkake to lesbian and (mostly) everything in between. Only drawbacks with her is that her performance ability is just above average as she’s a good but not amazing performer. And the main issue that hurts her is how she let herself go near the end. Still I will always remember her for her prime years and her godtier thick body. Some recommend favorites her include:


7. Julia


No surprise here with Julia. She’s one of the most recognizable actresses in jav ever and is still going strong.  She makes my list for her near perfect boobs and incredible body. Pretty, slender, and busty coupled with nice legs and stomach. Its just unfortunate how her boobs have shrunk over the past year or so. Still look great but not what they once were.

The things holding her back for me is her lackluster acting and vanilla videos. While she has certainly improved over the years she’s still not a top quality performer like she should be. Still feels like she’s holding back or just not giving it her all and is content with simply laying there and looking good. And as I mentioned she’s really vanilla in her videos. Not really venturing out and trying new genre or fetishes. No lesbian, anal, interracial and seems to dislike facials. But at the end of the day its hard to hate when she’s got a killer body. With that being said here’s my top favorites of Julia.


6. Hitomi Tanaka


You either love her or hate her. She’s probably the most recognizable jav actress to the west and anyone that has a slight interest in japanese porn knows who she is.  Hitomi has gone through some change during her career. In her earlier years she was more chubby and was an average performer at best. But around 2014 she lost weight and really blossomed as a performer and is now one of the best in the business.

Hitomi makes my list for obvious reasons. Her massive boobs are off putting for some but for those like me I can’t get enough. I’m also a big fan of her recent slim physique. While she maybe lost just a tad bit too much weight I still think she looks amazing and as a result she seems to be much happier.

This brings me to her other big plus which is her strong performances. As I mentioned over the past few years she has elevated herself to becoming one of the best. She is both passionate and energetic as well as just being in good spirits in all her videos. She really gives it her all. The only drawback with her is that her early videos suffered from weak acting and she doesn’t have much of an ass. With that here’s my top picks for Hitomi.


5. Kaori


Here’s another new favorite of mine that I just discovered this year. Being a big fan of thick actresses I fell in love with Kaori. She started her career as a racequeen and then made the switch to AV in 2009. Now one big reason I love Kaori is her big and round ass. She possesses one of the best asses in jav imo. Its only made better thanks to her thick thighs which are fantastic. Next up are her boobs that while they are fake I think they’re some of the better ones I’ve seen. Perky, nicely shaped and great nipples. All these things combined makes her body superbly thick and sexy.

One other huge positive aspect of her beyond just looks is her acting ability. She can settle in and play her designated role with ease whether its a mom, housewife or a seductive boss just to name a few. She never “overacts” either which is a big plus. For example in a rape themed video you won’t hear her sounding like an ambulance. Hardly ever whining and bringing a nice amount of passion to her performances. If I had one critique when it comes to her acting it that sometimes she’s not the most active performer. Besides that she’s a great talent with a sexy thick body and an amazing ass. Here’s some of my top picks for her:



4. Kurea Hasumi



Coming in at number 4 is none other than Kurea Hasumi.  Now the main obvious reason she’s here is of course her insane ass. She boasts one of, if not the best ass I’ve seen on a jav actress. Going beyond that her stomach and abs are also very nice. And of course I can’t forget to mention her wonderful legs. Now one nitpick some have with Kurea is her face. While her face isn’t the best and I can sorta see why some call her “ratface” its not as bad as they make it out to be. Not the prettiest but by no means ugly. And lastly her bolt-ons. I don’t mind them that much honestly but I can see how they would bother others. They have a very fake look to them and could be better shaped.

Of course any mention of Kurea wouldn’t be complete without mentioning her supreme talent as a performer. Easily ranking as a top 3 performer in my eyes. She frequently takes  control and plays the dominant role with ease. Also very active and engaging during her performances. She absolutely nails any slutty acting role given to her and is probably the best around. Here are a few of my big favorites from her.


3. Minori Hatsune


Anyone that knows me is aware that I am a MASSIVE fan of Minori and she is probably my number one bias. I absolutely love her. Now when it comes to her body she may have not the biggest and best assets but she’s very solid all around. Her boobs are nicely shaped and have some of the best nipples I have ever seen. In the ass department she’s about average, maybe just slightly above. Other than that her stomach is nice as well. But maybe my favorite part of her is her face. I’ve said this time and time again but I think she’s the cutest actress in jav ever. So adorable, cute, sexy and beautiful all at the same time.

In terms of her acting ability I find she’s a little above average. I can’t say she’s up there with the best but she can really pull out some incredible performances such as in IPZ-561 or IPTD-852 just to name a few. What I love even more than her acting is just her personality. She’s so bubbly, fun and sweet. She also has the most adorable laugh I have ever heard. An example of her laugh that I may or may not have watched 100 times >_>. I could go on and on about her but I think its time I end this with my recommend selections.


2. Anri Okita



I really struggled on the placement between her and my number one. Its virtually a tie but my top pick has just a slight edge over Anri. That being said Anri Okita easily has one of the best bodies to ever grace jav. She’s of course very pretty with nice eyes although her face does have a slight “puffiness” to it but it doesn’t matter much to me. Then there’s her hips and waist that are absolutely amazing. Combined with her boobs it all comes together to give her a near perfect hourglass figure. Speaking of her boobs she’s got some of the best I’ve ever seen. They’re so firm and perky along with having an amazing shape and nipples. My only critique is that they almost look too perfect hinting at the fact that they’re probably augmented in some way. She maybe could of taken the top spot if it wasn’t for her lackluster ass. She has nice hips and thighs but it doesn’t lead to an amazing ass like I wish it did. Still her body is phenomenal and an absolute pleasure to watch every time.

Also as a performer Anri ranks as one of best from recent years. She can play many roles and is terrific at seduction. At the same time she’s usually very active and gets into her scenes as opposed to just sitting there and taking it. Her chemistry with other actresses is some of the best too. She’s not shy about interacting with others as shown in MIRD-150 and MIRD-145. With all that being said here’s some of my top favorites from hers.


1. Rio Hamasaki


Rio Hamasaki or “Queen Rio” as she’s often referred to as. She was my first love of jav. The very time I saw her I was blown away and realized just how amazing jav truly can be. It was tough choosing between her and Anri for my number 1 spot but ultimately chose Rio for several different reasons.

For starters I really love her face. She has nice eyes and smile but perhaps my favorite aspect is her pouty lips. Also her stomach is quite nice too. But clearly her best asset is well…her assets. Imo she has the best pair of boobs out of any jav actress ever. All natural, perky and excellently shaped and sized. Anytime I see them I’m just blown away. Now I gotta be fair and say that her ass is not that great. At best its average. Still though she has one hell of an amazing body.

Another big plus of Rio is her insane squirting ability. She could squirt like a geyser. Lastly her acting is extremely strong. She very consistent and almost always delivers a great performance. Plus she’s very flexible in her roles from playing mature roles to dominant roles and submissive ones just to name a few. She’s very fun to watch and all this combined makes her my number one favorite actress. I’ll end this with some of my favorite videos of hers.


[PPPD-393] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Harura Mori

Harura Mori does the GES series. Harura really surprised me with this one, and for the first video of hers I ever saw, she knocked it clean out of the park.

vlcsnap-2017-01-18-05h04m18s870In the first scene, the gf and bf go to the apartment and find her sister is there on the computer. She’s wearing a sweater with no bra on and entices the boyfriend by exposing her breasts. It has a zipper that she pulls down a bit so she can slip out her breasts. She does a good job at both showing him enough while not making it obvious to her sister. Her facial expressions don’t quite live up to expectation though, it seems like she’s not fully sure what to do. When the pair leave the room, she takes the bf’s phone out of his backpack and makes a video of her touching herself on it. The scene ends when she orgasms.

vlcsnap-2016-12-06-17h08m45s822In the second scene, the gf is making dinner and the bf notices the video on his phone. He gets entranced and turned on by it. Harura comes over and recognizes he’s seen it, and then goes to work on him. She awkwardly moves him on the couch then exposes her breasts for him. There’s some dialogue between the bf and gf while Harura is seducing him, kneeling behind the couch. Harura pulls off her top, his pants, and has some fun with him. She starts sucking him off and then starts giving him a paizuri. The gf finishes cooking and they have to scramble to stop. Harura comes up from behind the couch and surprises the sister, who doesn’t seem to wonder why she was there. They actually don’t finish in the scene. It seems a bit much to me that she doesn’t notice, but I err on the side of it being okay until I really have to say wtf.

vlcsnap-2016-12-06-17h09m30s878In the third scene, the gf is in the bath when Harura brings the bf some coffee – and herself. They move over to the first scene area by the computer and get busy. The sex looks fine, nothing special. At the end of it, the girlfriend finishes her bath and comes out, and they scramble to change. They show a nice view of them on the left, the girlfriend changing in the hallway on the right.

vlcsnap-2016-12-06-17h09m43s054In the fourth scene she visits him when he’s in the bath. She blows him and titty fucks him and then the girlfriend goes to the washroom to do her hair/makeup. They start having sex during this, right behind her back, with the door open. The boyfriend pulls up a curtain for some privacy during this portion. Again, you get a nice split view of the two having sex and the gf on the other side of the screen, and there’s some dialogue between them as well. When the girlfriend leaves, they continue briefly before he creampies Harura and the scene ends. Scenes with dialogue while they’re getting busy are always the best.

In the second last scene, the pair are in the bedroom getting busy, but she stops him before he inserts. Seems like she doesn’t want to have unprotected sex so she blows him instead. He doesn’t seem to like the idea of unprotected sex so it gets cut short. There’s a portion where Harura is spying on them, I don’t think he sees but she has a nice smile on her face when they don’t finish.

vlcsnap-2016-12-06-17h10m29s094In the final scene, the two start off in the living room getting busy. The gf goes to the kitchen and when she sits down at the table, only sees Harura, as the bf is lying down on the couch. While this is going on, Harura is tugging him the entire time, and she converses with her sister. Eventually Harura pulls off her shorts and starts blowing him, sister doesn’t seem to wonder why she’s huddled over. The gf calls her bf and the phone is right there, Harura grabs it and lets her sister know. They then start having sex with the sister right beside them. Harura’s really good at keeping her voice down (often covering her mouth) and her movement minimal (as to not draw attention). While they’re having sex the gf wonders where he is and Harura suggests maybe he went to the convenience store. vlcsnap-2016-12-06-17h17m52s489The gf gets up and goes to the hallway to put on her shoes and leave, and Harura goes to the doorway and peeks around the corner to check on her. As that happens, the bf just starts fucking her from behind. When the gf leaves, they move to right in front of the door. The gf then returns while they’re busy in the hallway and Harura has a great smile as she finds out. They put the manual lock on the door so the sister gets caught outside, unable to open the door, as they’re having sex right in front of her. She’s crying outside and it’s fucking great. Eventually, they remove the lock and the gf comes inside. Harura has some solid dialogue throughout from when the gf finds out. Shortly after the gf comes back in, he creampies Harura. Harura moves over to her sister and has an exchange with her after the creampie, with a great expression on her face while looking at her sister when the scene ends.


Harura looks as good as ever in the video. The clothes she wears are great as well, that type of sweater is nice and she plays it well. She’s actually fairly cute, better than I would have expected.

The sex is fairly good as well. She leads the guy on fairly well and the paizuri wasn’t half bad. She could have been a bit more controlling but it was still very solid and enjoyable.

vlcsnap-2016-12-06-17h10m45s887The acting was actually very good. She had a really good ending, decent facial expressions, and good enthusiasm. She also did a remarkable job at keeping her voice down, even when she had an orgasm 3 feet from her sister, not a fucking peep. She struggled a couple of times not knowing what emotion to express but it was overall good. The ending was fairly decent as well, she made a good effort to interact with her sister and I liked the facial expression.

How did they not get caught?

The plot struggles from a couple of wtf moments. They basically seem like they should have been caught at various times based on how they were positioned, where the gf was relative to them, etc. While it happened a lot actually, none of them individually were egregious, so it’s not a huge deal. The plot itself was quite good, they set everything up well and even blue-balled him in the first scene they fooled around in.

The scene work was what made this video phenomenal. They had a lot of instances of the gf in the scene while they were getting busy right beside her. The views showing them on one side and the gf on the other side were great. The scene where she touched herself wasn’t good at all, but they made it work well and it really strengthened the plot. I do take minor complaint in them reusing locations a lot though, they used two different locations twice.


Rating: 9.9/10

Honestly, a really good video. It has relatively few issues and none of them are super huge. Sure, there are some issues with respect to them potentially getting caught, but multiple scenes where they get interrupted in the middle, scramble at the end, or have the girlfriend in the background is a really big deal, and they do a good job. I think the scenes were overall the best of any of the GES videos and they really did a good job capturing the essence of it. The scene in the bathtub is great, and having sex in front of her sister with the lock on the door was great.

Top Picks

Ohura’s Top Hitomi Videos

Anyone who’s spoken to me for more than 5 minutes knows Hitomi is far and away my favourite adult actress. She’s gorgeous, has a fantastic body, has incredible acting, and who could forget, amazing breasts.

Here I countdown my 10 favourite Hitomi videos. These are not necessarily her best videos, just my favourites.

10. MIDD-921 – Colossal Tits Naked Exhibitionist Hitomi


Does anyone dislike public sex? I definitely don’t. In this one, Hitomi is an exhibitionist who has sex outdoors. I love her ability to come across as a slut in this one, looking like she really enjoys what she’s doing. The thought of her just walking up to strangers and having sex with them is pretty hot.

The first two scenes has her walk up to someone in classic trench-coat style and then whoosh, here’s everything. What a dream come true. Anyway, getting people off in the middle of nowhere outside is something I’d watch again. The acting definitely isn’t as good as it is now, but it’s certainly not awful.

Even in the scene where she’s not going completely all-in on the slut them, we’re getting a beach scene, which has always done well for her. I don’t know if its having read or watched one too many hentai, but it just looks good. Especially when they play off the rocks at the beach, it just gives it a little something extra.

vlcsnap-2016-12-02-02h51m34s932The last scene is quite enjoyable as well, where she’s in a room touching herself when the guy notices and joins her, and then a second guy joins her. Just watching her from afar, they have an interesting camera angle and she actually does a decent job of selling herself. Could it be better? Absolutely. Is it still good? You bet.

Overall it’s one of the weaker videos on the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad video.


9. MIDE-003 – The Selfish Seduction of a Bra-Less Wife: Hitomi


vlcsnap-2016-12-02-02h35m23s827Have I ever mentioned that I like clothed females? Sweater meat is absolutely fantastic, and that’s what you get here. It’s not just that there’s clothed sex, but that there’s a bit of everything. There’s one where she’s wearing a sweater (which is off during the sex, but she’s not wearing a bra when the scene starts), one where she keeps on a wet t-shirt, and even one where she’s wearing some workout clothes. Simply put, it’s got something for everyone.


The first scene was one of my earliest favourite scenes. The way her breasts look in that sweater is amazing, and the sex while she’s partially clothed just looks incredible. In the second scene while she’s still wearing the wet t-shirt and you can see her boobs, amazing. Hitomi’s breasts look best when they’re kept together, and the shirt does exactly that while still giving you a view.

vlcsnap-2016-12-02-02h44m14s437Even in the weaker scenes of the video, they’re not that bad. Who doesn’t enjoy some oil from time to time? The sex isn’t all that great in the other scenes, but I like the idea of some contrast between clothed sex and non-clothed sex, and they do a good job of mixing it together. It just all comes together nicely for one hell of a video.

Overall, clothed sex is just really hot and a turn-on for me, and Hitomi does a really good job of it. Different outfits, minimal plot, and sweater meat as far as the eye can see.


8. MIDD-879 – Jcup Super Huge Titty Instructor Hitomi


vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h23m56s842Who doesn’t like workout videos? Everyone lives for this stuff, and it’s always good. I’m actually not sure I’ve ever seen a bad workout video. Something about big-breasted women in form-fitting clothes that show off their breasts is hard to be bad.


One thing about this video is that the acting isn’t that good. It’s not particularly bad, but given 2016 Hitomi’s acting, it’s not very good. I actually find in general that workout videos don’t have great acting. What makes them good still is that they really don’t need acting. Good sex combined with a good appearance (aided by the workout clothes in this case) is enough to carry a video. Good acting obviously helps any video, but to make acting a requirement for a video to be good is just wrong. Sometimes you don’t want to spend an hour beating off, and just want to watch her get fucked while it all looks hot.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h25m59s828There’s about 15 minutes of bad sex in the two hour movie, and it isn’t even that bad. Hitomi plays with herself in a toilet stall and a guy comes in and they mutually masturbate. It’s definitely the weakest scene, but then, the weakest scene in a video where the sex is actually all good is not that bad. Part of why it’s the weakest scene is that it’s the one that required some acting, but there really wasn’t any.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h26m31s779The rest of it is just standard workout sex scenes. Hitomi’s an instructor, they do a bit of exercising while she puts her assets on full display, and then sex. It’s just enough to call it a plot while not too much to make the plot be relevant to any degree. Again, a scene can be good when it has the actress looking good and the sex looking good, plot or acting aren’t necessary.

I’m a pretty big fan of competitive swimsuits, but I strongly dislike how they almost always just pull out the breasts immediately. Her scene here is nice because they leave one breast clothed and the contrast looks great. Best of both worlds. It’s much like the wet t-shirt in MIDE-003, where it keeps her boobs together and prevents them from spilling off to the side.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h25m38s406It’s simply hard to have a solid workout video and have it not make the list. I’d really love to see her do one again with her newfound acting skills, but for the time being, I’ll continue enjoying this one.


7. MIDE-219 – Hitomi is Your Bride


I believe I speak for everyone reading this that this is your ultimate fantasy. Hitomi as my bride, wow. The premise of the plot is exactly that, you’re married and it’s a Saturday and, well, like any newlyweds, that means staying in and having lots of sex.

One of the big selling factors of this video is that it’s shot in POV. In a video where the goal is to pretend Hitomi is your wife, the POV shots just add a little something extra. They do a rather good job with it, both with maintaining the POV shots as well as making them look good. They certainly mess around with it a few times, but I won’t overly complain about the few times they mess it up when the whole is very good. Being able to play along is just fantastic.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-20h45m24s011Hitomi in 2015 had some really good acting, and this video is a prime example. It’s not the kind of video where you need her to have unusual facial expressions or certain voice tones, but just for it to feel natural. Hitomi smiling or giggling just really sells home the theme really nicely. A lot of actresses naturally whine during sex, but I get a sense that they generally enjoy having sex if they’re doing it as a career. When Hitomi’s performance comes off as exactly that, smiling, laughing, and just overall having a good time, it’s a huge plus.

If this video doesn’t turn you on like it turned me on, well, I don’t know what to say. Hitomi as my wife is to die for, and this is exactly the feeling the video gives me.


6. PPPD-369 – If You Can Stand Hitomi’s Titty Fuck You Get to Cum Inside Her at The Fan Appreciation Event


This video is exactly what it sounds like. Hitomi gives paizuris to random guys and if they last long enough, they get to have creampie sex with her. It’s basically the same thing as the WANZ Factory videos, but her sex technique is a paizuri, and she’s the best in the business. They also use a house rather than a tour bus like the WANZ Factory videos.

Once again Hitomi shows us that she truly enjoys what she’s doing. She’s constantly vocal during the paizuris, especially at the end when the guy cums. After the first guy finishes, she enjoys jerking him off some more, even though he’s clearly really sensitive and having a hard time. She just laughs the entire time with a big smile on her face and it comes off really genuine. Any time the guy shows it on his face that he’s struggling, she smiles or laughs at it. She also has moments where she goes really hard as though she’s trying genuinely to win. Her acting during sex isn’t quite as good but then I suppose I don’t really expect it to.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h46m18s825Her paizuris are also really great. Her tits are really big and it gives her the ability to do a lot with them, and she does. She mixes it up in enough ways that you don’t particularly get bored, or at least not as much as you’d expect to from an hour of only paizuri. I mean, how many ways can she possibly play with your cock using her tits? Leave it to Hitomi to find interesting ways to get you off.

The sex in the video isn’t anything special. Her enthusiasm during it isn’t very good and she seems to feel it a lot more than you’d expect given that they’re supposed to be fans and not pornstars (though some of them most likely are). I really expect a lot more from her in this situation, she should take more of a lead and not whine as much.

中出し! (creampie)

Overall, I think Hitomi doing a paizuri fan appreciation coupled with good acting is what makes the video good. It obviously struggles in some ways, but the acting during the paizuri and the quality of the paizuri are what I came for, and it was good.



5. MDYD-931 – The Ravaged Female Money-Lender With Colossal Tits Hitomi


This is one of Hitomi’s good acting videos from 2014. She was a mixed bag throughout 2014 as she came into her own acting-wise, but this one was great.

Don’t give me that shit

The video plot has Hitomi as the leader of a loan shark company, and they start off showing her dealing with some guy who owes them money. As the video progresses, we get more background knowledge about how they got here, and it turns out she was taken as payment when her husband owed money. Hitomi’s clearly done well for herself as she’s now running the show. They run into some competitors later on who decide they’d love to have fun with Hitomi, and in particular, make her employees rape her. I don’t know about them, but being forced to rape Hitomi doesn’t sound like the worst thing ever.

Hitomi’s appearance is very good here, but it’s really the acting that stands out. I think she could have maybe done better when she was playing the boss, as she wasn’t all that authoritative, but when it came to her being raped, it was great. She had really good facial expressions and really showed that she didn’t enjoy it. A lot of people just sort of sit there and take it in these situations, but Hitomi gave a lot of appropriate looks and glances of displeasure that really helped sell the story.

They also manage a lot of different positions which makes the sex feel very unique. For example, jackhammer is a position that’s really not that common, so it’s great to see. Even the facefucking, as bad as it is, is still enjoyable when coupled with her facial expressions and attitude. In particular though, I really like the part where the guy puts his foot on her head. That’s the sort of sex that stands out and really makes you remember a video.

I’m indifferent towards rape fantasy, which is to say that I’ll watch them the same as any other video and enjoy them the same as any other video. This video was good start to finish, from Hitomi’s acting to the high quality sex.


4. PPPD-494 – A Horny Slut With Big Tits Steals Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend The Elder Sister Hitomi


Okay, I think everyone knows how much I like the Girlfriend’s Elder Sister series, and this is version 2.0 of that. Hitomi steals her best friend’s boyfriend in the same manner as in the GES series videos. Basically Hitomi and her best friend go to her best friend’s boyfriend’s house and spend the day/night there. Hitomi catches wind that the guy’s interested in her boobs and takes it upon herself to give him a show.

One of the things that makes this video only this far on the list is that they never get caught. I really like the theme of the video, and I think getting caught is one of the best moments of that series. It gives the actress a really good opportunity to display their acting abilities as well as just be a very unique scene. It just feels like there’s something missing from the video and that it could have been a little bit more. I think perhaps the scene where the boyfriend hides under the covers could have been changed to be one where they get caught near the end. Or instead, they could have simply gotten caught in the scene when she’s sleeping beside them.


Outside of that scene missing though, I do like the video as a whole. They do a good job of consistently having scenes where they’re interrupted or the girlfriend is in the background, which are important for the video. It’s important to sell home the idea that they’re doing it behind her back, and those are the ways they do it. They have a quickie in the kitchen where they almost get caught, then do it while the girlfriend is on the phone (and visible in the foreground). They have a scene where they’re having sex with her sleeping right beside them. Even though the girlfriend only briefly interrupts in the other two scenes, there’s one where Hitomi is under the cover still going at the guy.

Hitomi’s super on point with her acting in this one, especially the scene in the kitchen. When she smacks his cock on her tits really loudly, the guy looks like he’s going to have a heart attack and she’s just sort of laughing at him. It’s really great that she understands her role and she really does a good job portraying it. I definitely get the sense that she knows she’s up to no good but doesn’t care.



It’s a great entry despite not having the scene I really like. It’s hard to deny just how good her acting skills are, and how good they make the video look as a whole. I think it’s just difficult to deny how good this theme is.


3. PPPD-511 – Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups


This is the newest Hitomi video on the list, but it’s one of her best performances ever. The sheer enthusiasm she puts forward and the energy of the video is what sets it apart from so many of her other works.

First off, the clothes she wears are really good here. The purple sweater is nice, and who doesn’t like gym clothes? But more than that, the amount of cleavage in the second scene is great, and I do like her lingerie in the third scene as well. I don’t like the look of Hitomi currently as much as I used to, but that being said her current appearance is still very good.

Hitomi’s acting is just great here. In the first scene she’s a tutor and just smothers the student with her boobs, because that’s exactly what he wants. In the second scene, she smothers her brother. Even though he doesn’t want it, she’s persistent, going as far as to keep going after he blows his load and make him cum again. You can really sense how uncomfortable he is and how little she cares that he’s not into it at first. In the third scene, she actually captures a home invader and uses her boobs to torture him (not sure if that’s torture or not) before finally calling the police.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h18m52s664Thirdly, the scenes are just really well done. The action perhaps gets a bit repetitive in the early portion, but they more than make up for it once all the sex starts rolling. It just keeps getting better and better until the final scene, which is incredible. Hitomi has sex with two guys and goes as far as to give a double paizuri. When I say double paizuri, I literally mean two cocks between her breasts at the same time. There is one massage scene that’s pretty mediocre, but considering it’s short and considering the qualities of the other scenes, I can look past it. I really like that they keep true to the face smothering theme of the video. Even as it progresses, they make sure to give you more of what you’ve been enjoying.


This is the kind of video only Hitomi could do. You really need huge breasts to pull this off, and of all the people I can think of that have breasts that big, only Hitomi has the acting skills necessary. Hitomi definitely pulls it off in great fashion.


2. PPPD-402 – My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her


This video is, in my opinion, Hitomi’s best solo video. It’s just such a masterpiece in so many ways. It’s probably my favourite largely because of how much I like the series though. The series is really straightforward – you go to your girlfriend’s house and meet her older sister, who has huge boobs you can’t help but be enticed by. She then tempts you with them and tells you that you can creampie her, and, well, it’s hard to say no.


The video does a decent good job of hitting all the types of scenes I like. They have a kitchen scene where they almost get caught and also don’t have intercourse. There’s no bathroom scene (which is almost always the worst scene in the video). There’s portions where Hitomi is spying on them and persuading the boyfriend to leave and come join her. I really wish there was a scene where the girlfriend was sleeping beside them, and if I could have changed the video, I’d have cut the first scene (but have a lengthy intro), put the kitchen scene first, and then add a bedroom scene.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h22m32s686One of the key things that makes this video as good as it is just how good her performance is. Hitomi is one of the best when it comes to putting on a show, and she does a better job than everyone else. When it comes to her tempting him, she really makes it seem like she wants it and really goes the extra mile. When she’s out on the balcony playing with the dildo, she starts giving him gestures to come join her. When she comes to suck him off while he’s cooking, she gives him gestures to be quiet, and has nice smiles and such throughout the scene.


vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h24m05s038Her facial expressions and enthusiasm during the ending is the best of all the videos in the series. I’ve been really critical of actresses not recognizing how the ending should go, but you really see what it should look like here. Hitomi actually tells her sister on the phone what she’s doing, and she seems to genuinely enjoy that she’s doing it. Not only does Hitomi converse with her sister when she gets caught in the act, but after she gets creampied, she plays with the creampie while looking straight at her sister. It’s moments like this that I live for, the rare moments when the acting is just spot on.

Why yes, we did just have sex, what are you going to do about it?

This is really one hell of a video, and it comes as close to the number one video as any video likely ever will. It was definitely the best video in the series and definitely Hitomi’s best solo performance yet.

1. MIRD-150 – J & L – Two Pairs Of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies Anri Okita Hitomi


If you’ve gotten this far and you haven’t guessed what this video is, you’re living under a rock. MIRD-150 is Hitomi’s best film, plain and simple.


What immediately stands out in this video is the chemistry the two have. I have never, and probably never will, see on-set chemistry like the two of them have. They seem so natural and enjoy each other just so much. For those unaware, Hitomi and Anri are best friends in real life, so it’s no surprise their duo performance would have such good chemistry. The two of them just seem to know that we want to see them play with each other’s boobs or make out with each other. It’s not just that though, they go above and beyond. Anri slapping Hitomi’s ass or Hitomi eating out Anri after a creampie, it’s just beyond words. And don’t get me started on the lesbian scene, they’re not shy at all and really drive home the performance.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h36m10s519It’s also very rare to get duo performances where we get both lesbian scenes as well as scenes with other male performers. This video has scenes with one, two, and four guys having sex with them, and it’s absolutely a treat to watch. Especially when the two of them just casually play with each other throughout a scene, they do such a great job. I find a lot of the time in duo performances, I’m left wondering what it might have looked like if they had changed things up a bit. Sometimes actresses don’t touch each other, sometimes there’s only one guy, sometimes no guys. The fact I’m not left wondering is such a rare treat. Did you want to know what they looked like making out? Making out while getting fucked? Not anymore. They even both squirt in this film, something that’s not all that common for either of them, and it’s great.


If there’s one thing to nitpick about the video, it’s Anri’s appearance. She’s definitely looked better in other videos. Her hair and makeup simply aren’t up to par when compared to something like PPPD-451, which is her Girlfriend’s Elder Sister video. That being said, I can live with her appearance if the quality is this, and I’ll take that tradeoff 9/10 times. It’s perhaps also worth mentioning that Hitomi’s acting is better than Anri’s in the video, her facial expressions are much better and really sell home just how much she enjoys it. It doesn’t surprise me though, Anri’s mentioned that when they were living together, Hitomi would sometimes just start randomly fingering her.

The face of pure happiness

MIRD-150 is just a classic in JAV, and people will be remembering it for a long time. I’m expecting duo performances in general to get better after actresses watch this video and see what a performance they put on. Even if you’re not a fan of Hitomi, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t seen this video just by how often it gets recommended, which is literally every chance I have to do so.


[PPPD-501] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Erika Kitagawa

This is Erika Kitagawa’s entry into the series. Erika’s someone I’ve come to know from many videos she’s done with Ayumi Shinoda, but this video is a clear example that she can act in her own right.

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-07h42m28s145The intro in this video is quite unusual, but also very good. The boyfriend goes to the washroom and runs into Erika coming out of the bathroom in a towel, which falls down and exposes her. He tries not to look but the damage is already done. Erika largely doesn’t cover herself because she got turned on by him seeing her naked, and has a nice expression on her face to suggest she likes where it’s going to go.

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h33m02s813.pngIn the first scene, the gf is in the bathroom and the bf finds Erika in the dining room. She’s not wearing a bra, and he notices, since her nipples are sticking out. Normally I’d say it’s weird he noticed, but considering that he saw her naked earlier, looking at her breasts seems normal. I’d say you’d probably only notice if you stared at them. Anyway, it doesn’t take much convincing to pull him into the bedroom. She takes her top off, and although he protests, it’s hard once she puts his hands on her breasts. She leads him along and it eventually turns into sex. It looks alright, only notable thing is they skip paizuri, but they have some later. It ends in a creampie and a very long pan on her while she admires her work.

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-07h43m25s279In the second scene, they’re all eating dinner and then Erika starts giving him a footjob. He clearly looks like he’s in some pain, but reassures everyone he’s okay. Erika often intently stares at him during it. Erika and the bf end up in the kitchen while the girlfriend is at the table, separated by yet another counter. Erika’s on the floor, perched up to give him a bj/paizuri with her body concealed by the counter. You can see the sister and they’re both conversing with her throughout. The boyfriend looks like he’s in some discomfort based on how he’s positioned to which they ask if he’s okay. They almost get caught at least once, and it gets really close when the sister leaves the room (straight up she’s about to walk behind the counter). She finishes him off with a paizuri, and then another long pan of her admiring what happened. After he finishes, the girlfriend comes back and he goes off with her (they briefly almost get caught).

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h40m56s788.pngIn the third scene, the pair are asleep and Erika goes and visits him while he’s sleeping. He protests, but when she’s sucking you under the covers, it’s hard to say no. The girlfriend shifts at some point and puts her arm on top of him, and Erika pulls her arm back off. When the gf shifts again like that, they just leave her like that until they finish. He covers her breasts and the scene cuts.

In the fourth scene, Erika’s wearing some red lingerie and you can see just the corner of a body at the beginning, which I assume is the guy. She solo touches herself and then the scene ends. Not to say that it looks bad, but it’s certainly out of place.


vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h42m33s002.pngIn the fifth and final scene, the gf excuses herself and apologizes that she has to leave. Erika takes the opportunity to start fucking him right in the hallway. The gf comes back at some point and catches them, and Erika has a really genuine look of ‘oh fuck’ on her face for a moment. She briefly says something and then pulls the guy over into the other room amidst the girlfriend’s protests. There’s more brief dialogue when they move into the other room, as if she’s telling her that she stole him, and it ends with a creampie. The boyfriend goes to apologize and Erika kind of sits there admiring the creampie again. Erika briefly looks over with a nice smirk, but the gf doesn’t notice and doesn’t say anything.


Erika looks pretty good, the clothing is fine. The shirt seems meh but her nipples did in fact stick out and it looked okay. I think Erika’s looked better in other videos, and I prefer her with darker hair than she has here.

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h34m04s195.pngErika’s acting is very good. The setup allows her to tempt him easily, and especially with an extended footjob, hard to resist. She’s good at keeping her voice down and keeping up a conversation, and uses good hand gestures at times. Especially when she visited him in the middle of the night, the facial expression she had when shushing him and being thrilled by the situation were very good. The ending was fairly good as well, could have been better but one of the better ones, in my opinion. Overall, I enjoyed her acting a lot.

The sex generally looked quite good. She led the sex in a lot of cases and didn’t let it consume her all that much. Her paizuri kind of sucked, a lot of the same motion of moving her chest back and forth without fully covering the cock. Outside of that, there weren’t really any complaints, they switch positions, do it in various places, etc.


The plot was overall solid. I like that the intro was different and fresh. I disliked that in the first scene, they just run off to the bedroom while the girlfriend is in the bath. One positive is that they finally understood no transition is bad, so they showed the girlfriend in the bath to let the viewer know what’s going on.

I overall liked the scenes despite a bad scene. The introduction scene was very hot, and the good scenes were all quite good. If I just act like that scene never existed, the video is much better.

Rating: 9.6/10


Overall a very good performance and a quality video. I wish they hadn’t done a solo masturbation scene that feels really out of place, but it’s still a good video.