[PPPD-308] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Yui Hatano

Yui Hatano is the girlfriend’s older sister, and she tempts the boyfriend with her big tits and lets him creampie her. Yui’s not really someone I would have pegged for this series, but her reputation precedes her.

The first scene has no sex, just the boyfriend being enticed by Yui, as she’s wearing a loose fitting top and continually bends over near him to give him a peek. The girlfriend is in an about the scene, and they sit down to eat near the end of the scene. Yui doesn’t care her sister is right there when she pulls her shirt down to give him a look. He seems reasonably interested in her after the scene.

The second scene has her in the washroom and she catches the boyfriend leaving the room and blows him. At the end of the scene, the girlfriend goes looking for her boyfriend and runs into Yui in a towel.

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-07h11m18s346The third scene has Yui spying on them while they’re about to have sex (the girlfriend is looking for the condom). The guy notices and feigns he has to use the washroom again but instead fucks Yui in the hallway. They do it literally on the floor as if they’re rabid animals. It’s a decent scene, but a bit of a letdown it’s the same setting. After they finish, Yui’s sister comes looking for her boyfriend again and they scramble to get their clothes on, Yui literally running out the door with her shoes in her hand. It was quite hot watching Yui run out the door, but quite bad when the boyfriend is just sitting on the hallway floor when he gets found.

Yui running out the door, shoes in hand

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-04h32m03s857In the fourth scene, Yui and the boyfriend are getting busy in the bedroom. You see Yui’s shoes at the beginning and the boyfriend’s shoes in his hands, to indicate the girlfriend isn’t home (but no reason why). He titty fucks Yui during the scene before cumming on her boobs. It’s a mediocre scene, largely because the paizuri Yui gives isn’t that great.

During the fifth scene they’re bathing after the titty fuck when the girlfriend comes home, and Yui goes out to greet her in a towel again. She says something, then she goes back to the boyfriend and the scene cuts.

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-07h14m42s010During the final scene, Yui and the boyfriend are cooking in the kitchen while the girlfriend is sitting in the living room, reading a book and listening to music with her headphones on. Little does she know, they’re not really cooking and instead getting busy. This eventually leads to them having sex behind the counter. As they progress through the scene, Yui ends up over the counter a bit and then the sister catches them and shows them that she’s upset. They don’t care and continue having sex until he creampies Yui in front of his girlfriend. Yui plays with her cum while looking at her sister and talks to her, which is really hot.

look at this cum. すぎい (amazing)

Yui looks great here, about as good as ever. Makeup is on point and her clothes are hot. One downside is that her tits are a little small so the overall appearance suffers. In a video based on you tempting with large breasts, being under what I’d call large makes it suffer. You can really see this in the bedroom scene as the paizuri is just not that good.

Yui’s acting is solid here, she realistically convinces me of the nature of the film. She entices him at the beginning and I can believe he’d go leave to have sex with her. I also felt she properly acknowledge the younger sister both when they got caught and when she got creampied. She played with the cum from the creampie while looking at her sister, very nice. Yui’s extremely popular, and I like to think her body/appearance isn’t the only reason, her acting was quite good here.

The sex is good outside of Yui’s small boobs. Paizuris look awkward as a result, more so than usual; this is the same problem AIKA’s video has. Other than that though, Yui does what she always does, put up a good performance.

The plot was okay, but I felt it wasn’t as easy to follow along as it usually is. The girlfriend randomly goes missing and comes home to Yui in a towel again. Why is she having a second shower? And where is the boyfriend? It’s not even clear he’s supposed to be there. He makes an excuse of going to the washroom twice, but then gets found sitting on the floor the second time and I’m confused. To me, it feels like the video simply doesn’t flow well.

As far as the scenes go, I disliked the disconnect from the theme. Instead of scenes where the girlfriend is in the background or almost catching them in the middle, they have sex in the hallway, or while the girlfriend isn’t even home. To me, it seemed like they didn’t understand what they were supposed to be doing (and understandable as the first video). I really wish they had done a better job. The most important part is displaying the risk, and they simply don’t do it until the final scene. Even in the final scene when they did it, it really didn’t seem that good, as the viewpoints didn’t really show the sister.

Rating: 8.5/10


Overall, the video was decent. If they had changed it a bit so the gf had been in the background during the bj scene, or Yui had bigger tits, it could have been a slam dunk. I feel more so like Yui’s performance carries this video a bit more than it should.

[PPPD-387] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Yuri Oshikawa

This is Yuri Oshikawa’s entry in the famous series. I can’t say I knew who she was before or that I’ve been keen on watching her since, but that doesn’t hide the fact that the video is surprisingly good for someone I barely know.

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h58m51s502.pngThe video starts out with the girlfriend and boyfriend meeting and her taking him back to her place. The older sister has someone over who she kicks out after the sister says she’s bringing home her guy. They go there and he meets Yuri, who’s wearing that nice fluffy, white sweater with no bra or anything else. As she’s cooking she asks him for help, and he goes to open the fridge, just outside the kitchen. She comes over and unzips her sweater and then oppai~! While he appears to be cooking, she pulls off his pants, gives him a bj, but then blue balls him. vlcsnap-2017-01-21-05h56m33s358All of this while the girlfriend is in the room and they’re behind the counter. Yuri says something, the sister leaves, and then they continue fucking each other. They do it all over the kitchen, as they start behind the counter and progress their way through the kitchen until they finish on the table. At the end of the scene, the girlfriend calls out and it ends there.

The next scene has the guy go leave for the bath and then Yuri goes and joins him. Her paizuri makes him blow his load really fast.

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-06h17m48s291In the third scene, they’re in the living room and someone comes to the door, the sister goes to respond. Yuri takes the opportunity to have sex with him. Yuri actually gets caught riding him, but they can’t really tell that’s what’s going on from the angle, and she just gets up and covers herself (her top is a bit down and her skirt a bit up). They then proceed to have sex in a much more dangerous position afterwards. She makes him go to the other room while she goes to the door for a minute, then comes to him after and finishes him off.

vlcsnap-2017-01-21-06h00m42s771.pngIn the fourth scene, the girlfriend is blowing him with her back to the door and Yuri comes and spies on him, the boyfriend clearly seeing her. She goes back to her room to masturbates. The scene is actually interesting cause you get to see both of them at the same time, a fresh perspective that I liked. When she hears them finishes, it triggers her going to their room for the final scene (note that there’s no scene cut so it’s supposed to be one giant scene).

Oops, guess we got caught

They’re both asleep and she wakes him up and starts blowing him under the covers. This leads to sex on the bed, and eventually the girlfriend wakes up (probably from the motion). She catches them and is sort of upset in a half-dazed look. Yuri has a small grin on her face and while the girlfriend is trying to push him off, she just sort of smiles on while she moves him to a different position. The keep at this until she gets creampied, then the girlfriend leaves in disgust/anger.

Yuri looks good, as do most actresses. Her hair has bangs, but there are long strands just off to the side that come down that make the bangs not so bad. I haven’t really seen much else of hers to say if she looks like this in other videos, but I was initially impressed by her.



The acting is decent, she has some good expressions on her face, but fails to convince me. There’s almost no dialogue when it mattered during the ending, unfortunately. She didn’t really moan loudly which was nice, but that’s not enough to cover up the other holes. It’s really a telltale sign of a good performance when the acting lives up the entire time, which it just doesn’t.

The sex looked good, enough different positions. She’s good about leading him on and looking like she’s enjoying herself. Her performance isn’t nearly as good as some of the others in this series, but it’s certainly not bad by any stretch.

vlcsnap-2016-11-30-06h10m22s083The plot was okay, but they had a mediocre introduction and then transitioned into a rather long scene where he creampies her. I like to see more introduction before the creampie. There’s also a plot issue when she gets caught literally riding him but they apparently don’t notice that’s what’s happening. I can perhaps accept they can’t really see the boyfriend, but they literally caught her with her top down.

The scenes are generally quite good, they transition nicely with the bathroom scene and she does a decent job seducing him. The scene where she literally gets caught riding him but they don’t notice that’s what’s going on is nice (even if it seems strange), and interrupting the sex twice is nice. They also have an extended scene where the girlfriend is in it at the start and not in it at the end.

Rating: 9/10


The video’s really not that bad for all that I might make it out to be. There’s no reason plot issues can’t also be enjoyable, and I did enjoy those moments. Yuri looks great and with some decent scenes, puts forth a fairly solid video.

[HDKA-089] Naked Housemaid, Nude Maid Agency, Shizuku Amai

Shizuku Amayoshi does the Naked Maid series. Note that this is not the busty maid series from OPPAI but is the one from Planet Plus. Anyway, the plot is straightforward, the company sends you your own naked maid who cooks, cleans, and helps you with your sexual urges. Shizuku is seen cooking and cleaning, but also gets the guy off a few times. She washes his back (and his cock of course), she has sex with him a couple times, gives him a paizuri/blowjob, the standard sort of stuff you’d expect.

vlcsnap-2016-11-29-17h41m50s707Shizuku is cute as ever here, I think she’s fairly cute actually. Her boobs are also fairly nice, though they look much better in the cover shot. What’s detracting is the stretch marks on her lower stomach region, which are also purple in colour. At moments when they’re displayed, they look fairly bad and diminish from the quality. In a lot of other stuff, they try to keep her lower body covered with like a top they don’t fully take off or something. Thankfully, you don’t notice them a ton. Especially when she’s cleaning the house, she’s often captured in moments where she’s on all fours so you don’t see it. Her ass isn’t that good for that position though, but no stretch marks is just overall the best way to present her. I think overall, her body size is probably less than ideal for this video, and it really comes down to how detracting that is for you. Some people are okay with BBW, some are not.

Shizuku’s acting isn’t that great, but this is one film where I don’t expect a lot. She’s decent at giving genuine smiles and she comes across very genuine in this video. Of course, more vocalization from her and more polarizing expressions would be better, but I can live with her performance. I’d say she should have said a lot more during it, she seemed a fair bit quiet, more than she ought to have been.


The sex is not half bad here. Shizuku’s not very good at moving her body, probably partially due to her weight, but that doesn’t stop it from still looking okay. They do a variety of positions and things like sucking him under the table while eating is always nice to see. I also do like scenes where they’re cleaning the house, but Shizuku’s body isn’t good for that. The difference between Shizuku and someone like Naho Hazuki cleaning the house is a lot.

Let Shizuku cook, clean, wash your back, and even suck you off while you eat.

Rating: 7.5/10

This is probably one of her best films. She looks alright and does a passable job with the acting and sex. Considering she’s normally a bit of a plank in her acting, she’s starting to show signs of life. I think more than anything, she felt comfortable doing this one and let it come through. Obviously her comfort level is still fairly low, but the fact she looks any bit comfortable is a good sign. As always with Shizuku videos, watch it if you like Shizuku and skip it otherwise.

[PPPD-519] What If It Was OK To Rape And Creampie Big Breasted Girls… Hitomi

vlcsnap-2016-11-29-02h17m38s760The video starts off with Hitomi going to the washroom and taking of her jacket, revealing that her boobs are wrapped up. She takes off the wrap to give some relief. Obviously it fits with the story that she has to downplay her large boobs. After briefly showing her in an open office, we see her again dealing with her boobs in the washroom. One of the guys walks in on her, takes note, and leaves.

vlcsnap-2016-11-29-02h18m30s343In the first scene she looks like she’s preparing to give the news when he starts touching her, and everyone nearby comes to see. Some of them even restrain her to further accentuate that it’s acceptable. They have a relatively slow build up as they move from touching her to fingering her to fucking her face and forcing her to paizuri (literally people doing it for her). The scene goes on with her being forced to fuck the guy, sometimes with people holding her in place. He eventually creampies her in missionary. Of note in this scene, there are girls that are often moving her boobs around, which is great it’s not some dudes. There’s also multiple guys in the view but only the one guy that caught her has sex with her. After the scene’s over, there’s a brief plot moment. She’s back at a table, fully clothed, and the people who were raping her one by one make a brief comment to her, and she seems distraught.

vlcsnap-2016-11-29-02h18m50s636The second scene is much like the first, it seems like they told the manager and he decided to do the same. The same group of guys (but no girls) restrain her as he has his way with her. A lot of the same as far as the scene goes, it progresses from groping to facefucking to creampie in missionary. If I had to say any major difference, it was that they used a long meeting room table as opposed to just the carpet in the first scene. Once again after the scene, there’s a portion where she’s in the washroom again adjusting herself.

vlcsnap-2016-11-29-02h19m15s698The third scene starts off with her giving a report to a camera, mic’d up. The manager comes by to congratulate her before he decides he wants to have his way with her. This time, instead of just having sex that she hates, he makes her do some of the action. It starts off with him making her lick her tits. Before they get into it, she elbows him in the ribs and runs off. As she’s grabbing her things to leave, they catch her and stop her from leaving. The girls show up again and join in restraining her and feeling her up. This time, we get her having sex with multiple people, as the blowjobs start off with three people, where she tugs the two she’s not actively sucking. She gets into positions like paizuri + blowjob. All three guys finish on her tits, but they don’t stop there. There’s an obvious breakpoint where they clean off her tits, cause the loads on them are gone after. They all creampie her before the scene ends.


To end the video we see Hitomi looking at a positive pregnancy test.


Hitomi looks pretty good here, no big complaints. Her outfits don’t look anything special, but they’re supposed to make her boobs look small. I think they could have done a better job though, as at least two of them don’t do that very well. To be fair, her coworkers know she has big boobs at this point, but still.

Hitomi’s acting is very spotty in this video. In some instances, her acting is quite good, but in some there’s not much going on. I guess the direction for this video is confusing and difficult to adequately convey, since she’s supposed to not enjoy it, but also accept her fate as a societal norm. It’s a weird situation to detest what’s going on but to be unable to actually do or say anything about it. There’s the obvious moment where she elbows the guy to get away, which I do like. Her facial expressions are hit or miss, which is to say they’re usually good when she gives them, but often doesn’t do much. She doesn’t ever really say no or fight back much, resigned to her fate. While I certainly understand this makes sense for the video, that style isn’t ideal for viewing.


The sex generally looks good here, but it feels repeated. The scenes all generally go the same way, and the first and second scenes are largely clones of each other if you discount the table prop. They find enough different positions for her to have sex in, and enough ways to make it look good. Even while she’s not really doing much herself, they have people holding her arms or moving her boobs to just add a little something to what might have been boring sex.

I wouldn’t particularly say there’s much in the way of a plot. Hitomi gets raped in a situation where rape is acceptable, and she knows it. I do like the little plot tidbits they give though, especially the ending where they show her discarding the positive pregnancy test.

Rating: 8.3/10

It’s a decent movie with a good plot, but they could have done so much more. Hitomi was rather dull this video, partially because of the video’s plot, which I definitely noticed. The scenes also struggled a bit from basically repeating the first scene over again, I would have loved for it to be different.

[T28-481] Training Together With Kaho Shibuya

The video starts out showing quick clips of Kaho in the different situations she’ll be in – working out in a gym, biking, martial arts, and swimming. Aptly titled sports course, the video is about Kaho Shibuya in various sporting situations.

Right off the bat, Kaho looks really good here, and the uniforms are great. I enjoy clothed sex in moderation, but what makes it so good here is that they often switch between being fully clothed (nothing showing) to exposing her boobs, and it works out really well to have that mix. The various clothes are different enough to not feel like the same thing over and over, while setting the scene well.

The first scene is her meeting with a fellow biker, both of them in a bike suit. It then shows them in a locker room and Kaho is naked. She gets on a bike machine and the guy is at a loss for words, and I don’t blame him, who wouldn’t be? You get to watch Kaho riding the bike machine, getting tired, boobs flopping everywhere. It then snaps back to reality, where Kaho isn’t actually naked, the guy just fantasizing before. The guy then gives Kaho some pointers while he’s mostly staring at her boobs. She falls off the bike and as he goes to try to catch her, they land with him on the floor and her boobs in his face. He then can’t help himself and starts feeling her up. She hesitates for all of 5 seconds before she decides it’s not so bad. The scene progresses into her giving a blowjob before they continue into sex. Kaho remains mostly clothed during the scene, she’s wearing that biking uniform, which is zippered, and has no bra on, so at various points they unzip the shirt and let her breasts move around, then zip it back up; she does not take off her pants at all, they make a hole instead. They continually have sex on top of the bike until he creampies her. After, he compliments her and she’s happy, I guess the training went well.

In the second scene, she’s running on a treadmill and once again, her instructor visualizes her naked running on it. image1After he snaps back to reality, he starts giving her a massage until he takes it a little too far and then just starts groping her. She doesn’t dislike it though, and eventually starts giving him a blowjob/paizuri. Once again, her top (which is a sports bra) is on at some points, off at others. They eventually start having sex on the treadmill in various positions and then on an exercise machine while the guy is working out at the same time; Kaho even starts working out at some points during the sex. He finishes on her boobs while they’re on a bench, but the action doesn’t stop there. Kaho sucks him until he’s hard again and they continue on a bouncy ball until he cums on her gym shorts.

In the third scene, her and another guy are performing some martial arts sparring. After she takes him down, he starts fantasizing about her naked. Unlike the others, we don’t see her naked in the current situation, he just fantasizes about her doing various things while nude. She’s wearing her uniform with no clothes underneath and her boobs get exposed several times where the guy takes note and starts staring. He taps out at some point and just lays there, and when Kaho lowers his uniform to see what’s wrong, she notices his hard-on and goes to work. They start going at it in some sort of half sex, half martial arts action; they rather quickly settle on a paizuri though. Eventually he finishes between her tits. Her tits are exposed when they start, but her uniform is still on.

image4In the fourth scene, she’s swimming laps when two guys in the pool start fantasizing about her swimming naked in front of her. We get some nice footage of her swimming naked, including underwater shots from various angles. After she gets out, she lies down on a spread out towel to rest and the two guys start massaging her. They progressively get more adventurous with their massaging until they’re groping her. She starts touching herself and squirts right in their faces. The action then ends up back in the pool, where she has sex with one of the guys. It quickly moves back onto the towel where they take turns creamping her. Lik in the second scene, it doesn’t end after the first creampie. She takes multiple creampies, one shot on her swimsuit, and one on her face. The video ends in the most Kaho way possible, which is a nice squirt.

Kaho’s acting is only so-so here. She looks like she’s enjoying it sometimes, but generally doesn’t express any emotion. She doesn’t seem particularly engaged in it, and is just going through the motions. It comes off all average to me. Kaho also makes those weird faces she’s known for, which I’m not a big fan of.

image2The sex looks quite good though, a lot of unique situations, like on a treadmill, in a pool, etc. I especially liked her giving a blowjob while on the treadmill. She doesn’t really lead the sex in any way, just sort of lets it happen for the most part. She does a good job leading it in the martial arts scene or when giving a paizuri, but that’s about it as far as directing the sex goes. That’s not to say she just sits there and takes it, but that she could take a more active role in the sex.

The plot is generally good, and I like that they fantasize about her naked. It comes off very realistic, because a lot of guys would probably fantasize about her in that situation. Outside of the first scene, the sex builds up slowly and very naturally, so overall it’s very good at pacing itself and not having any sort of issues. The scenes are also good, different scenarios, different uniforms, and I really like it as a whole.

Rating: 9.3/10

This is definitely a good video. The performance leaves a bit to be desired, but the uniqueness of the video coupled with great sex is what sells it for me. I really like her in different scenarios and outfits, and the whole video is very enjoyable. If you’re a fan of fitness JAV, you will absolutely want to watch this. If you’re a fan of clothed sex, you’ll want to watch this. And if you’re just a fan of Kaho, well, it’s a great video and you’ll want to watch it.

Top Hitomi Tanaka Videos

Hitomi Tanaka has a career spanning nearly a decade and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Because of this she has a pretty sizable catalogue of videos. I thought I do my best and give my opinion on what her best releases are and what ones you should absolutely check out. I need to state that this list isn’t necessarily in order from 10 to 1. Simply just 10 of my favorite videos from Hitomi. So lets begin and why not start with one of her most recent releases…


“Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups”


Not only is this her best video of the year but is easily one of her best releases of her entire career. PPPD-511 nails nearly everything starting with her wardrobe. Some examples being:

Now I’ve seen a lot of fans debate her current look vs her older appearance. Some of you may disagree with me on this one but I find her current look to be her best. I will say she maybe lost just a tad bit too much weight and in some scenes uses too much make-up. However I think her boobs look great, her hair is nice and her face looks fine as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of her slightly chubby face. Now this leads to me another high point of Hitomi’s current self and this video, her much improved acting.

I believe that Hitomi is in a good place right now in her life and loves her body now more than ever and it shows in her acting. She seems really happy and much more confident in her acting and this video is a perfect example. Hitomi’s performance is 10/10 and if I could rate it higher I would. She takes the lead in all the scenes and is very energetic exhibiting tons of enthusiasm. From smacking guys in the face with her boobs to completely smothering them she enjoys herself greatly with no instances of whining at all.

The plot/theme of this one is also fantastic. Of course the overarching theme is smothering guys with her boobs but each scene features its own scenario. Such as playing a tutor and seducing her student, playing a fitness instructor and one of my favorites has her doing a camshow while being interrupted by an intruder. Afterwards she restrains him and has some “fun” with him 😉

Now finally we get to the action which is extremely good except for one scene in which she plays a masseuse. Its completely forgettable and unnecessary imo. Thankfully the other four scenes are terrific. Two full on sex scenes each ending with a creampie and full of hot positions such as:

Even the other two scenes which just feature her jerking the guy off are great thanks to her outfit, scenario and outstanding acting. Hell in one scene shvlcsnap-2016-11-13-13h59m59s640e make the guy cum from just smothering his face with her boobs playing with his nipples:

The only slight hiccup here is the massage scene but its not enough to make an impact overall. This is absolutely one every Hitomi fan should own and maybe even persuade non fans of her.

My Rating: 10/10


“A Horny Slut With Big Tits Steals Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend The Elder Sister”


Might as well go with her 2nd best release of the year for up next. We all know this series by and how its definitely a fan favorite. This is yet another perfect example of how much improved her acting is now over a few years ago. She plays the part excellently and is everything you want from this role. Seductive, teasing, devilish and dominant.

One huge key component of this particular series is the risk factor involved. Its very hot seeing her have fuck the boyfriend while her best friend is either right nearby or in one scene in the same damn room. There’s also multiple instances where she almost gets caught that makes the scenes exciting to watch. Here’s what I’m referring to:

Just like my last pick she looks very good here and is constantly showing off her wonderful cleavage. Also I should mention that each full sex scene ends in a creampie which is a nice touch. All of these things combined make this not only one of the best entries in this series but also easily one of her best videos of her career.

My Rating: 9.8/10


“My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits And By Saying She’ll Let Me Creampie Her”



This one features a nearly identical plot to the above entry with the only difference being that here its her sister instead of her best friend that she steals the boyfriend away from. Doesn’t make a huge difference honestly. Just like the last one this video features tons of risky sex. Some examples being:

Things like this are makes this series great and you’re treated to loads of moments like these. That being said the action is top notch with plenty of creampies and daring sex. She also nails her performance with being overly seductive, slutty and relentless. Imo this is right around the time when she really started blossoming as a performer. Same time as she lost the weight too. Maybe there’s a correlation? Speaking of her appearance she looks utterly amazing here. vlcsnap-2016-11-13-14h53m13s432

This here is another video I would absolutely recommend every single Hitomi fan should check out as well as even maybe non fans of hers should consider watching. She’s in great shape and looks amazing while delivering one of her best performances to date. Plus the action is flawless with no weak scenes at all and chock full of risky/daring sex. I’ll end this one with one of my favorite parts of this video:


My Rating: 10/10


“If You Can Stand Hitomi’s Titty Fuck You Get to Cum Inside Her at The Fan Appreciation Event”


Fan thanksgiving events are some of the best opportunities usually for an actress to just be herself without being constrained to playing a character or role. These types of videos will normally bring out the best performances from an actress  and here is no different. The premise here is Hitomi giving her fans a tittyfuck and if they last a certain amount of time( I think 10 mins but I’m not 100% sure) then they get to fuck and creampie her.

I absolutely love this sort of premise as I’m sure a lot of you do too. Its entertaining to watch and also to place yourself in the guys shoes while thinking “could I outlast?”. Moving onto to the action which is very good. Of course the emphasis is on paizuri which Hitomi is the queen of. Besides that though there’s still a few full sex scenes that do of course end in a creampie.

Hitomi’s performance is also another major reason I selected this one. She’s very fun to watch as she’s flirty, upbeat and full of energy and enthusiasm. She certainly brings her A game here and looks incredible.

My rating: 9.5/10


“The Ravaged Female Money-Lender With Colossal Tits”


First off that cover art is amazing. Hitomi with a bunch of cash in between her cleavage? Hell yes! Anyway I was sorta surprised by just how good this particular one was as I’m usually not a big fan of rape/humiliation themed videos. The plot here follows Hitomi as she plays a money lender. Now I’m not 100% certain on the specifics but it seems as though Hitomi goes to collect money from a client with her associates but then they turn against her and have their way with her. After that they bring in some guy who I “think” is her assistant or something I dunno and they force him to fuck her. After which they kill him and shoot Hitomi up with a drug that makes her super horny and lust filled.

So there’s several reasons why I chose to add this to my top 10. One reason is the plot. Normally I don’t like rape videos due to the over the top whining from the actress and seeing her frown the whole way through. But I enjoyed seeing Hitomi start out on top and being super confident and then being reduced to a sex slave. Eventually turning into a horny, for a lack of a better term, slut.

Next up is her exceptional performance. Hitomi plays her role very well. As said she’s very confident at the start but then she turns submissive and has a perfect look of hatred on her face. Of course then for the final scene she gets drugged up and alters her acting accordingly. She ends up loving it to the point of drooling and almost begging for more. Her acting is believable and not over the top like some actresses go for. 2014 seems to be an awakening year for Hitomi as she really blossomed as a performer. One last note is that I loved her facial expressions.

The action here is also top notch. You’re treated to 2 full sex scenes along with a solo masturbation scene which is actually quite nice and a group blowjob scene. The sex features some great position variety as well. No creampies though sadly but there’s a few decent facials.

Now last but certainly not least is her appearance. Not only is the main outfit she wears amazing vlcsnap-2016-11-19-22h47m18s110but her body is also in terrific shape. Face looks pretty good and she’s not super skinny. Plus her boobs are in top form too.


My Rating: 9.3/10


“Hitomi is Your Bride”


Straight to the point with this one. Shot entirely in pov with the premise of Hitomi being your wife. What’s better than that? Yet another recent release here coming from just last year. The past few years have been some of Hitomi’s best.

One huge factor to this being a top 10 title is the action. Not only is the runtime extra long coming in at 2 and a half hours but there’s plenty of sex as well. With three full sex scenes and 2 paizuri scenes that are made even better thanks to the pov aspect and her acting(more on that in a bit). As I said the pov element greatly enhances the action and makes it feel more intimate. Also the positions featured here are outstanding and are shot wonderfully.

Her performance is another key factor. Hitomi truly shines here and delivers one of best best performances overall. She’s very frisky, energetic and quite active. It really seems like she’s having a good time here and smiles and laughs throughout.

Hitomi looks as good as ever here. She wears a few nice outfits but mainly her body just looks stunning. Thanks to the pov you’re treated to plenty of good shots of her. Of course this is all personal opinion as I know some really love her more current recent look and others prefer her older appearance. But I myself really enjoy her slightly skinnier body and face along with her bigger boobs.


My Rating: 9.6/10


Colossal Tits Reverse Molester”


Here Hitomi plays a reverse molester who goes around and hunts for men.She presses her huge boobs on random guys and tempts them into sex. After all who could possibly resist? I’m a big fan of this plot type as it allows for the actress to show off her more slutty and dominant side. And you see plenty of it 😉

The scene variety here is one of my favorite things about this video. From tittyfucking random guys on a subway to screwing her student as a tutor and even fucking a random guy in a public bathroom. She always the one to initiate the sex and she’s often aggressive in doing so.  To which the sex is pretty great except really for one mediocre scene. 3 full sex scenes all featuring a different setting and look for Hitomi. My only gripe is the first scene which is just her tittyfucking a bunch of guys. It gets a little old after while but thankfully her performance redeems it a little bit.

As I mentioned she’s very slutty and is rather aggressive in starting up the action. However I must say that when the actual sex starts she tends to whine and ends up turning submissive which is one of my biggest pet peeves in performances. Its a direct contrast to the whole theme of the video. She should be dominant all the way through not just during the foreplay. Sounds pretty negative but her performance is just a small blemish on an otherwise terrific video.

Thankfully her look does improve the video a great deal. Her wardrobe is very nice as she wears a hot masseuse outfit and a tight pink dress with knee high boots and stockings.

Also this being shot in 2012 means the Hitomi you’ll see here is a little more chubbier than her modern self. Same goes for her face as well. All in all this one has some great action, terrific premise and Hitomi looking very sexy. However the one issue to be had is her hit and miss performance. Even so this is still top 10 material in my book.

My Rating:9.3/10


“Jcup Super Huge Titty Instructor”


Who doesn’t love a good workout themed video? This one is very straightforward in its plot. Hitomi playing a fitness instructor and shoving her breasts into guys faces as she  grinds all over them. I think I speak for most Hitomi fans when I say sometimes you don’t need a deep plot or premise. Just seeing her in workout clothes is good enough.

Now that leads me to one big plus of this video which is Hitomi’s appearance. Since this was back in 2012 she was definitely more on the slightly chubbier side. And I would consider here her to be her prime during that era. Her wardrobe here is just outstanding. Anyone that loves workout clothes will be in heaven. Tight swimsuits and sports bras. Can’t go wrong with that. Plus they do an incredible job at showing off her cleavage.

The sex across the board is very good too. She’s often the one who dictates it and is generally in control as she should be here. There’s three full sex scenes although honestly one of them feels a little mediocre. However the other two filler type scenes are worth watching due to her performance and looks. As an added bonus she does get a little sweaty in some scenes. Not as much as Jessica Kizaki or Kaho Kasumi but its still nice to see.

The final element to talk about here is her performance. She does a good job but she’s not perfect. She’s got good energy and plays her role rather well. However when the actual sex starts she is prone to frequent whining. If current day Hitomi were to tackle this video I’d have no doubt she would knock it out of the park.

So despite my few gripes with this film being a mediocre sex scene and a good but not amazing performance I’d still rank this within my top 10. Her look and the overall action more then make up for its shortcomings. Plus you can’t beat Hitomi in workout clothes.

My Rating: 9.2/10


Defenseless Nipple Temptation


This is the oldest video on this list dating back to 2011. MIDD-751 makes my list for a couple of reasons. One is the overall premise which sees Hitomi in various workplace situations such as a hairdresser, dental assistant and private tutor among others. And while doing so her cleavage unavoidably is on full display and ends up enticing her bosses and customers. This allows for various scenarios and outfits so every scene feels different and looks different.

The action is another factor in choosing this one. The runtime is three hours and features three full sex scenes plus some nice tittyfucking. My only criticism is that one sex scene takes a bit too long to get going and one of the blowjob scenes feels “meh”. Besides that though every scene is a winner.

Her appearance is the other key reason to picking this video. The wardrobe here is varied and generally looks great. From a sports bra to a  dental assistant uniform and more every scene has a different look for her. Not every single one is an absolute winner mind you but for the most part they look very sexy. And with this being an older video Hitomi is of course a little chubbier and not as skinny so those that enjoy the older Hitomi you’ll love her here.

This stands as one of my favorite vintage Hitomi videos overall. From a great plot allowing for a wide variety of scenarios and providing some nice wardrobe choices to some great action with nice tittyfucking and cumshots. I recommend every Hitomi fan to watch this one.

My Rating: 9/10


“J & L – Two Pairs Of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies”


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Not only is this my favorite Hitomi video ever but I can easily say this is my all time favorite video period. I’m sure 95% of you already know this video and how perfect it is. MIRD-150 absolutely nails everything. Big tits? Check. Creampies? Check. Lesbian action? Check. Group sex? Check. Squirting? Check. The sex is phenomenal in every single aspect. Not to mention one of the scenes is a threesome pov scene. Plus there’s no weak scenes here at all. Even my least favorite scene which has a bunch of guys cumming on their pussies while they play with themselves is worth watching due to their performances. The camerawork is also fantastic capturing all the best angles and moments perfectly. Just some screenshots below:

They both also look incredible and super sexy as well. The outfits and make-up is great for the most part. If I had to nitpick I suppose Anri’s hairstyle in one of the scenes wasn’t too hot but it hardly affects the scene all that much. Besides that their appearance is 10/10.



Finally we get to the best element which is their performances. Honestly this may be some of the best acting I have ever seen in jav. The chemistry between these two is unrivaled imo. No other duo comes close to the magic they have together on screen. Constantly playing with each other but not to the point where it ruins the action and becomes a distraction. Such as Anri slapping Hitomi’s ass while she rides doggystyle, Hitomi slurping up cum from Anri’s pussy or just sharing a kiss and groping each other throughout. They are certainly not shy.  The lesbian scene they share is just beyond words. The passion between them is insane. What makes this pair so amazing is the fact that they are very close friends in real life so their chemistry feels genuine and real and not forced like some duos.

In closing MIRD-150 stands as one of the best videos ever made imo. From the insane chemistry and performances they share to the top notch sex with plenty of variety and quality camerawork and just Hitomi and Anri looking stunning. I feel like this a video that everyone should see at some point no matter what. Even if you don’t like Hitomi I think you can still appreciate this video. Afterall there’s a reason this video topped the sales charts for nearly the entire year in 2015 at R18.com.

My Rating: 11/10