[PPPD-506] My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Rena Fukiishi

Rena Fukiishi plays the mom in this video, as your girlfriend’s mom tempts you with her big tits. Rena isn’t someone a lot of people like, though I personally really like her. This is a really good video any way you slice it though, and hopefully it’s videos like these that make people give her a chance.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h19m31s413The video starts out with the girl telling her mom she’s bringing her bf home. She brings him home, they briefly meet, and the scene cuts to the gf and bf having sex. During the scene, Rena walks over and spies on them starting to touch herself when the guy notices. She has a look of desperation on her face like she’s envious, maybe her husband is away and she’s not getting any action. At some point, he can’t take that she’s out there in all her cougar glory and excuses himself to go to the bathroom right in the middle of sex. Little does the gf know, he goes and gets off with the help of Rena. She doesn’t particularly do much, she tugs him a bit, sucks him a bit, and rubs his dick on her breasts before he finishes. Not surprising he finished fast, he was right in the middle of sex.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h21m32s858In the second scene, Rena and the boyfriend are in the kitchen while the girlfriend is doing her homework in the living room. The gf asks her mom to take care of her bf while she’s busy. He stares at her revealing top until she just grabs his hand and forces him on her. He tries to stop it but then just gives up and gives in to his temptation. As they’re fooling around, the girlfriend gets up to ask her mom a question about her homework, where the guy scrambles to put his cock back in his pants and Rena puts her breasts back in her tank top (she was wearing a sweater and bra that she previously took off). The scene continues with cunnilingus, paizuri, and whatnot until sex. They do it in various positions including while they’re on the chair, until he creams her while lying on the floor. You can see the gf in the living room throughout most of the scene.

In the third scene, they’re reading some magazines in her room until Rena comes in and says something, then the scene cuts and the guy’s in the bath. Rena comes by while he’s bathing and helps wash him, among other things. It’s relatively short and it seems like the girlfriend knew he was going to bathe and she was okay with it. She was content in her room and seemed to not notice Rena came by, and it’s not as if they spent too long or he went to pee and took 10 minutes.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h29m49s571In the fourth scene, the gf is on the phone with her dad in a room beside the kitchen, where Rena is cooking. As the bf comes by, the gf seems to indicate it’ll be a few minutes so she suggests he help Rena in the kitchen. But he can’t just help her with cooking, she wants him. He doesn’t want to but she forces herself on him, pulling out her breasts and kissing him. At some point the gf calls for her mom, and she puts her breasts back in her top, answers the phone, and then gives it back to the daughter. Seems like it’s Rena’s husband away on business, which would explain why she seems to want the guy so much, and why the daughter is going to spend a long time on the phone. Also explains why Rena only briefly uses the phone, since she’s supposed to be prepping dinner. It would similarly explain her earlier behaviour where she spies on them and looks like she’s envious. Anyway, Rena gives him one hell of a paizuri before he finishes, and the scene cuts out there.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h30m20s782The final scene is the bf/gf going to sleep. Rena has plans for him not to go to sleep, and wakes him up. He’s hesitant but Rena insists on them doing the nasty and once again, forces him, telling him to be quiet and covering his mouth. When her bra comes off, he can’t help but enjoy her breasts. It has a typical transition as they slowly build up into sex. Rena holds her voice and covers her mouth at some points when she just can’t hold it. The girlfriend wakes up at some point after Rena’s just a little bit too loud. Rena just tells him to continue rather than acknowledging the daughter. Eventually he creampies Rena with the gf beside her. Rena says something to her daughter after she gets creampied.


The video ends with them just happily doing it on the couch the next morning.


The appearance of Rena is very good in the video as a whole. She looks about par for her, but her average is really high and really consistent. Her clothes are quite good, revealing but not outrageous. Like when she’s doing it in the kitchen, she has a revealing top on but with the apron, nobody is going to pay too much attention (and it’s not absurdly revealing).

The sex is great, she’s a good performer. She knows what she wants and dictates the pace. She gives a pretty solid paizuri, turns out her saggy breasts are still pretty good. She does a good job at transitioning between positions but giving each one their light. Her sex also just looks good, she moves around a lot and moves her hips and such.

vlcsnap-2017-01-19-02h25m48s149The acting is quite good, the only issue being not responding to her daughter catching them. I think of all the videos, her being a caring mother should cause more of a reaction. I was expecting her to pat her daughter on the head or something, but alas, nothing. I probably would have lost it if she pat her on the head. Outside of that mediocre non-interaction, the acting is good. She covers her mouth, his mouth, tells him to shh. Her expressions are actually very good, and I really do get the sense that she’s sex depraved and that she really wants him. It’s all about acting the way the audience expects, and she really hit the mark.

The plot is good here, no sort of flow or logic issues. She meets the guy and has the introduction, catches them in the act, and blows him in the hall. They also don’t have creampie sex until he’s blown one load for her first, which is what I like to see. I prefer them to build up to creampie sex rather than start with it. In particular, she blows him very quickly in the hall, which makes him leaving for the bathroom not feel so bad.

The scene work is great too. Two scenes where they almost get caught, two scenes where the daughter is visible for a large portion of the scene. It’s above the average by quite a bit, which I approve of. With five scenes and no repeat locations (bathroom, kitchen, dining room, hallway, bedroom), it works great. They also cut the video with them getting busy in the living room just to give some final context.

someone’s not too happy

All-in-all, it’s just a fantastic entry in the series. I have exactly two complaints, one is barely an issue, making my only real complaint that she says nothing when they get caught. I really do like to see good endings, but I’m not going to let the ending ruin what’s a really good video. The rest of it is great, and the scene work is overall quite good.

Rating – 10.1/10


I’d highly recommend this video to anyone who’s a fan of the series or Rena Fukiishi. If you’re not a fan of her, this is definitely a good video to start out with. The familiar plot of the series can make this really enjoyable, and the acting is very good. Rena Fukiishi’s not for everyone, she has saggy breasts, tanned skin, and very unusual tan lines, but if you can get past that, this is a fantastic video.